Update: Webinar 19 January 2017

Please find it below:

Update: 19th January 2017 – Some FAQs

I have gotten dozens of emails about the following, so instead of writing so many responses, I feel it is best to answer the questions here. That way, I can give everyone who asked the answer they are entitled to without taking hours to write individual mails. I am not trying to say my time is too valuable, but let us be fair, what is the benefit in answering something to many times, when I can clarify it just once 🙂

1.) What I expect in a typical week:

I can not make a promise of a guarantee of typical returns, nobody can read the future. That said you have all read my intentions in terms of risk management this time. Stops of no more than 45-47 pips per trade with targets of two big figures as a TP. With this strategy, I intend to make 3 trades in the average week. Below will give you some insight into what the different outcomes could be in such a week. Of course note that setting stops in the green when given the chance changes things significantly. However its important to consider the WORST case and BEST case scenarios to understand what can happen:

TP of 200 pips

 W = Successful Trade
SL of 45 pips  L = Unsuccessful Trade

Trade 1

Trade 2 Trade 3

% Equity at end of week compared with start of week

Worst Case

L L L 87%


L W 109%



L L 109%


W W 138%




Best Case W W W




2.) Concerning leverage in the individual MAM accounts:

Your MAM accounts are SLAVE accounts (N.B.  this is the terminology the system uses and not me being rude). They are classified as under the command of the manager’s (mine) MASTER account. As such I have control over their trades etc. The leverage you see next to your account is irrelevant, it means nothing in the scheme of things. There is no need to worry about it.


3.) Concerning the minimum requirement to copy:

There is not one. Each account shares the % of each trade to reflect their % of overall ownership in the account. E.g. In an account worth $300k, if your equity is $300 then you own 0.1% of the account. This means if we do a 10 lot trade, you will be allocated 1% of this or 0.01 lots. To put things into context, the funds size is literally TITANIC this time, eclipsing the last fund (with still more pledges yet to come on board). As such there is a wide among the current SLAVE accounts with some accounts having only a few hundred to some accounts having 5 figure equity numbers and one exceptional case of a 6 figure amount. So once again there is not a minimum. The best answer to those who want recommendations on how much to invest is to invest only what you are comfortable with doing so. It is your hard earned money and your desicion at the end of the day. Nobody but you has a right to tell you what to do.


4.) When do you intend to start:

The week commencing Monday 23rd January 2017 ( as shown in the countdown on this blog), the community will commence regular operations in the market.

Right got a meeting to run to. See you all at tonight’s webinar.

Update: 16th January 2017- Gentle reminder and a poll

Just a heads up for those who are not aware. The US is on holiday today for Martin Luther King day. Therefore be mindful of lower than normal liquidity in the US session which can cause over pronounced movements. In short, if planning to trade, do so with caution.

And now the poll for the next webinar:

What would you like covered after the economic outlook of next webinar?

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Have a good day everyone,



Update: Webinar 15 Jan 2017

Please find it below: I recommend going full screen after 40 mins when the video footage becomes relevant.

P.s. There is only one more week to join the MAM and get verified and funded before we begin trading. If you plan to join later, then please disregard this notice. If you intend to join from the first trade on wards then ensure you are signed up and verified before the end of the week.

Update: 13 January 2017 – How to get in contact?

Do not worry, this will not be a post about Friday the 13th….

Since the members plugin got fixed with the latest plugin update, I have had several comments left from people who have trouble remembering their account details and who did not know how to get in touch except through blog comments. I can understand this fully. Contact details were posted on this site ages ago and it is very easy to lose them amid the hundreds of posts, videos etc since then. Therefore in order to refresh everyone’s address books, for any issues with the site, questions for webinars or requests, I can be reached by anyone through any of the following ways:

Email: Mohammed at ohemgeeinvest.com (replace at with @)

Whatsapp: +971521682001

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ohemgeeinvest

The new community Facebook page: https://facebook.com/ohemgeeandfriends/

Alternatively you can leave comments after blog posts, which I keep private however this makes it harder to respond privately as such comments become public if I post a response.

Now that we have ironed out this issue, everyone get back to having a great weekend and see you all Sunday,


Update: 12 January 2017 – Poll and MAM update

This is a dual purpose community notice:

1.) I wish to remind everyone that the MAM begins trading on Monday 23rd of January 2017. This means that those who have no already signed up, have five business days to sign up, validate their accounts and then fund them. While the account remains open to joiners at all times, if you wish to participate from the first trade, then you should consider taking action in the next few days. If you are intending to join later, as I know a few people are, then please disregard this notice.

2.) Please vote for the material you want covered after Sunday’s Webinar:


What shall we cover after the next webinar?

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Update: Webinar 10th January 2017 – Why I feel oil will average 55-57 in 2017.

Please find it below:

Update: 9th January 2017 – Extra webinar this week

There will be an extra webinar this week covering oil. I have been challenged on my alleged statement that “oil will crash” in 2017 during the Central Bank overview webinar conducted last week.

Before I respond and justify my logic, I wish to clarify a few things:

A few things:

1.) Please do not take this reply badly, I really am glad that people are listening to the webinars and I do welcome all constructive questions. Honestly, I do.

2.) I did not say oil will crash. I said there are risks that can keep pressure on oil prices and that it would be unlikely that we see an average price of much higher than the mid 50’s per barrel over 2017. This is very different from claiming “oil will crash”.

Now that that is cleared up, let us get to the point of this post. Since I appreciate the question and I think everyone can get something from my answer and form their own opinion after hearing my views, tomorrow we will hold a short interactive terminal webinar at the usual time, where I will justify my reason for believing these pressures will emerge. I hope you enjoy it and it answers your question.



Update: Members Plugin Fixed!

Finally! The members plugin now actually works!!!!

Thanks to “Simple Membership” for the free update and plugin and thanks to Federico from the community for helping me test. If you can not remember your username or password, just go to login, click forget password and enter your email and it should arrive in your inbox. If any of you have any issues please either comment here or Whatsapp or email me. Thanks for your patience with this. I know its been a headache since the blog got updated.


P.s. Hope you all like the new lightweight blog design.

Update: Webinar 8th January 2017

Webinar is once again in two parts. For some reason, ZOOM is splitting it. Please find them both below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

P.s. For suggestions of content you want covered. Please comment below or comment in the group Whatsapp.