Happy new year everyone.

I would like to take just a few moments to wish all of you, your family and friends a happy new year. I sincerely wish all of you the most prosperous year in 2017 with good health, happiness and the best of luck in achieving your goals and wishes. 

See you all in 2017.

Update: Webinar 22nd December 2016

Please find it below:

Update: Webinar 18th December 2016

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P.S. Due to a new plugin in wordpress, all posts are now auto posted to Email, Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook. This has been done in order to ensure that information can be communicated to everyone in the community. I know that many of you have better things to do than check the blog multiple times a day to see if there is an update. This way, you wont have to and will be informed as soon as there is one.

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Update: 18 December 2016

Please be advised today there will be a webinar today in the following format:

1.) Coverage of Economic Data of the previous week and week ahead for US, Eurozone and Asia/Pacific regions.

2.) Some questions which have been asked will be addressed. (If you have any questions to add, then please comment below so I am aware before hand and can answer if you are not present – this is the real purpose of the post.)

3.) Update on the MAM preparations and website changes.

The webinar will be commencing shortly after 8pm UAE Time, which is 4pm GMT time. The link as always can be found in the Live webinar session while the webinar is running.

See you all later,



Update: 16 December 2016

Just a courtesy note to inform the community that unfortunately I will not be able to conduct a webinar tonight due to circumstances out if my control. I will merge it with Sunday’s market outlook and forward looking coverage. I appologise for the inconvenience.

Update: 15th December 2016

There is no webinar today, so I thought in my coffee break I would just blog some thoughts. Overall, it has been a positive week for us all.

On the community side:

1.) The broker has agreed to first tier premier liquidity providers.

2.) The web host has managed to make the “How to join MAM” page publicly available.

On the forecast side:

The FOMC re-commenced the tightening(normalization) of monetary policy and confirmed our expectations that rates would continue to go up. This is in contrast to the all the naysayers saying the next move was down and that the Fed would make “policy mistakes” by raising rates. In addition, the FOMC’s newly released economic projections reinforce our expectations that the market miscalculated the upward risks to inflation and is misjudging how fast the Fed will move progressing forward, particularly as inflation risks overshooting. Bear in mind that these projections do not begin to factor in fiscal stimulus from Trump (we will cover this in more detail at the weekends webinar as I feel rates will shoot up even faster than the dot plots indicate).

Furthermore, Retail sales slowed in line with our expectations and we correctly guessed production in the US would contract as well as the reason why. In the Eurozone, while the market consensus predicted slowing growth in production, we were correct in predicting a decline.

Overall I am happy with the accuracy of our financial modelling and predictions communicated on Monday’s webinar, but what makes me happier is seeing our fundamental predictions come true as the year comes to an end. Particularly our call on USD firmness and Equity performance. These were calls made and held constant throughout the year in spite of many calling for a USD crash and a recession. Interestingly enough while we held our conviction and stuck to our data supported calls, many of the “doomsayers” kept shifting their opinion from one camp to the other (I guess they were confused and/or lacked experience). Anyway, the point I wanted to make is that earlier today the Dollar Index, reached the highest levels since Jan 2013 and US Stock markets are near record highs. Hardly the actions of a “weakening dollar” and “recession”. So I guess the results show who was fundamentally right. We could go on more with exact details, but time is short and I have to go to my next meeting.

On that lovely note, I will now stop typing. The MAM is now publicly open and we intend to commence trading shortly after 9th January 2017. If you are not already signed up, I suggest you do not delay as confirming documents etc may take a longer time as we enter the holiday season.

Hope you are all having a good week,


Update: Webinar 12th December 2016

Please find it below:

Update: Webinar 11th December 2016 – The next stage

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P.s. Audio starts 23 seconds into the recording, got to love microphone complications…

P.s.s. If you haven’t already done so, please do fill in the survey below the video as I will be beginning negotiations tomorrow and the more I know about the number of people joining, the more power I have at the negotiation table.