31 January 2017 – Trading Summary

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Update: 29 January 2017

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Update – 28 January 2017 Trading Summary

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First week performance : 7.4% negative after performance suffered due to 11 poorly performing trades, 9 were bad luck, 2 were bad calls. New week next week so lets stay positive.

Update: Trading Summary 26th January 2017

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Update: Trading Summary 25 January 2017

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Update: Trading Summary 24 January 2017

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Update: 24 Jan 2017 – Trading update

Second cable trade stopped. Really bad luck on this one. Stopped us out at 1.2505 to the very pip, the high since our entry position and proceeded to then capitulate 60 pips and head towards our target.

Unfortunately, the loss from this trade cancels out 95% of the profit from the earlier sterling trade. You win some, you lose some and you can never take it personally, but at times like this its easy to mistakenly believe the the market is solely against you.

Only open trade is AUDCAD short which sits @ 1.0042 with an SL of 1.0065 and a TP of 0.99. Had a bit of an unlucky start but by no means tragic. Lets stay determined!

Update: 24 January 2017 @ 8:55 AM – Trade SL new trades opened.

Unfortunately our initial trade SL’d at a loss of 45 pips for an overall loss of $-22,050. Disappointing to start with a loss, but a few positives.

1.) Brings us back to reality after an almost dream like build up for the MAM, perhaps a needed reality check.

2.) Risk management measures were respected, we stuck to our risk limits and did not extend SLs etc.

Anyway we can’t win them all and it would have been nice to start with a win, but such is life. Back to the goals.

Two new trades entered:

Trade 1:

Sell 48 lots GBPUSD @ 1.2523

TP 1.23

Sl 1.2522 – NOTE trade shot 20 pips into profit at time of writting this, so we put the stop one pip in green.

Maximum possible loss: $0, SL is one pip green

Maximum possible gain: $107,040

Trade 2:

Sell 48 lots AUDCAD @ 1.0019

Tp. 0.99

SL. 1.0065

Maximum possible loss: $-16,688.51

Maximum possible gain: $43,172.44


Good luck!