Update: 23rd February 2017

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P.s. We return to trading on 6th March 2017

Update: 22nd February 2017 – Big Short Fail.

Well that failed big time. We were setting stops at cost and adding to the position as momentum built and it was working. We got the move we wanted and then the publications started, not a good sign considering IFO surveys are released in one hour. Rather than risk it reversing, we took the profit on the trade and will look to get in later when UK GDP (in my opinion comes in higher than the market expectation of 0.6% q/q, my models predict 0.72%).

A lost opportunity that we were forced out of, but at least we made a good chunk of cash. This bird in the hand strategy has served us well so far, so no need to change it out of fear or greed, we will have other opportunities.

p.s. Don’t have the community phone with me. Someone from the community please share this and the last post in the two whatsapp chats.

Update: 22nd February 2017 – Big short time

Well looks like a great opportunity has presented itself. We have closed all other trades to focus on the EURGBP and have gone 20 million short. The plan, to sell at current levels with stops at 0.84800 TP at 0.83. Risking account profit plus up to 7% of deposits to potentially double the account. Lets see how it plays out. I think its worth it. Lets see if the market agrees.

Update: Trading Update 21st February 2017

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Oh btw special mention to Mike Simmons who answered correctly first on whatsapp.

Update: Webinar 19 February 2017

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Update: 18 February 2017 – 4 weeks into the journey

One month into the journey and with all trades closed we have made a real profit of 17.5% on equity and capital. It has been a sobering first month filled with market fear and irrationality, but I feel we have had a respectable performance. A summary of the key points of the month can be found below:

Update: 15th February 2017

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Update: 14 February 2017 – Post Yellen

So it seems that our last trade worked and was sufficient to take the account from a 12% loss to 1.5% gain. I know its annoying that if we had wider SL’s by just a few more pips then the 4 losing trades would have given us a 46% gain rather than a 18% loss. But please consider the following. If those SL’s were not there and our predictions were wrong, it could easily have been a much greater loss. Bad luck is annoying but sometimes we have to deal with it and roll with the market punches. Much better to slowly gain and wait patiently for a big chance rather than to risk. Today was not our day, but our account is still healthy and still in profit (although a tiny one). Our day will come. Hopefully many days will come. Lets just avoid doing anything that prevents us from being around when it does.

Update: 14 February 2017 – Trading Summary

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Update: 12th February 2017

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