292 more reasons to trade?

So just a bit of randomness. You see, while I do not have time to reply to each thread, I do try my best to read everyone’s introduction threads. It truly is remarkable how much you can find out about a person from just a few words and when you have a truly international community (even one as small as this) you realize that while the world may not be as large as we all think it is, there is massive diversity and I just wanted to take a few moments to share my thoughts about what I have noticed about this little group:

Why are we here? I have noticed that everyone really has a different reason and that truly no unique circumstances are the same. From what I can see some of the reasons people are here include:

  1. Trying to make some extra money for another purpose. Ironically it is usually an unselfish and notable motivation, like planning for a child’s education over the next 10 years. Very few people just want to get rich quick.

  2. Hobbies.

  3. Learning new skills. Again, many are realistic and understand it takes time and hard work to succeed. They are not going to wake up $1m richer tomorrow. I don’t know whether

  4. To meet new people. These are a social lot.

Who are we? Well a few observations about this:

  1. Ages diversify massively. While I think the average is quite low (thanks to the students for making us feel younger on average), we even have older people (hope Mark does not read this part).

  2. Careers diversify greatly. We have students, drivers, accountants, business owners, programmers, chefs, managers, musicians, carpenters, pizza delivery boys… I could literally go on with this list for ages. But it shows you that everyone comes from different walks of life.

  3. Nationalities are vastly different as well.

How is the community spirit?

  1. People actually look out for each other. To name just a few examples, one guy helped promote his friends book (a 99cent publication online). One person went through the trouble of composing a piece for their newly married friends (which I think is a very thoughtful thing).

  2. United. Everyone realizes that we are in this together and tries to learn from each other. Decisions are made by everyone and that is the best thing for it.

So its a little group, but a strong little group and its OUR little group and while it may be weird, its original and I do not think I would want it any other way. As it grows I know it will become more difficult to know each person individually and that sometimes makes me think about locking it to new members. But then I realize that there are other people who this could be good for and so the doors remain open.

So in conclusion,  as of today, 12 of December 2015, 5 weeks since the launch of this site and forum (seems like so long ago now) that is 292 more reasons to trade.


  1. Morning Mo, I never formally left a post to introduce myself to the community but thanks again for all you do. Me and my wife both work long hours opposite each other in the NHS and with 2 young kids it honestly is tough sometimes. I have lost 85% of my capital since joining etoro near the beginning of the year but now have a 2 year plan to hang around with you and recover with hopefully a little extra at the end. Initially joined up to try and cut our hours down to spend more time with the family.

  2. Much like Ryan, I have been hiding in the shadows too but formally introduced myself on the introductions page, but this post has prompted/inspired me to be a bit more active and get to know a few more people and be a bit more of a community member. Sorry to hear of the losses Ryan, I hope you get back to at least a break in point in the near future


  3. I have to say though, I have been spending quite a lot of time in HipChat this week and it has been a blast!

    From jokes to making people feel good when it goes wrong. From admiring pretty graphs to help with phone questions.. it’s great!

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