1. Wonderful day so far (knock on wood)!

    Are the fundamentals finally in effect or are you having a lucky day (rhetorical question)? It’s nice not to have the bad luck of the past few days!

    Very excited for this week, let’s look at the account again on Friday evening 😉

    Safe travels!

  2. Can you confirm that the current 25k drawdown is caused by a EURUSD sell?
    For some strange reason, open trades never appear in my list :s

        1. Thx for letting us know!

          Always that Sterling. BoE going to pump cash in the market around Brexit referendum. Sentiment will probably be bullish the next few days. Can we keep the trades open above 1.43? What is the intended SL?

      1. Just as an information. We are NOT able to see real time trades in HF. You will only see the open trades if they are open in the certain roll over time. So we have to get updated from Mos blog and Twitter account. Its a pity actually because its interesting to see in details how he trades 😉

        Anyway, have you considered other platforms recently Mo? Im also using Zulutrade and I am really satisfied with that, its just so transparent and its Margin trading with follower posibilities. But still your followers will have the ability to comment so the haters will still be there…

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