1. OK, I will try to summarize what I have percieved since I joined:

    You are the TRADER, account manager and mentor. You handle trading very well, I would say you have got exceptional skills. Your skills grow by every trade you make.

    Notice, I talk about 1 person now. Who trades on his own and gets amazing results.

    But here comes the community. It grows, the trader tries his best to share his thoughts and connect with others. But it takes more and more time and energy to maintain. For 1 person. Because it is actually a “one person show”. And it will slowly drain away his energies.

    It is inevitable, that with the growing number of members and growing recognition it will attract negative energy. Jealous, greedy, angry people were, are and will be always here, who wish to ventilate their own misery on somebody, who is more capable, happy etc. they they are.
    Today’s event has shown us how much damage can be done by those people to somebody, who has respectable intentions.

    I am certain that this community has overgrown its current boundaries. I think it will need a refined framework to be able to maintain it further and allow further growth.

    This a call to everybody! This might be a turning point. Mo intentionally uses plural when sharing his thoughts. We could try to find ways how to take part of his burden off his shoulders. We are a community after all, aren’t we?

    How could we help Mo?
    What happened today (I don’t use twitter, so I don’t know all details) reminds me of the insults Mo got on that previous platform. Uncontrolled/filtered posts by certain people with shady intentions. Let’s correct me if I’ve missed some aspect.

    Let him do the trading, while providing a relatively safe communication environment. And this can be done by careful designation and management of communication channels. And trust. But it will require active participation of more of us. I’m not that skilled at webdesign and options on social media, but I’m sure others will come up with a clever method.

    Mo, I encourage you to take some rest and whatever your next step will be, I accept it. Remember. You are not alone.

  2. Let´s stay together with Mo. This learning happened at the beginning of our journey 😉 and won´t happen again … so we have enough time to reach our goal in my opinion =).

    1. To be honest we are miles away from our goal. Following the false signal cost us, and yellen contradicting 4 members cost us more but the real nail in the coffin was the withdrawals. We are living on a knifes edge. Just one mistake and its over. It really is that close.

      1. Pfff, that’s sad news. Not ready to take another blow.
        Hope you manage to get us out of this huge mess. Are you hedging?

        Perhaps we should consider not to take big positions before big decisions such as the FED. In March, you had been making huge money without acting immediately after or before these events.

        In any case, take care! I know it’s hard to see such good work disappear in one day, but we need to focus on getting us out of the drawdown!

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