An open letter to the individual who felt it was appropriate to attack me via email

I can’t exactly post who you are, because I am only 99.9% confident that I know who you are, but I am sure many people will figure it out. I also do not wish to reply to privately, I wish to do it publicly so that everyone who reads this will know your game and see the sort of person that you are.

I’m sure it must feel very good for you to email me with insulting comments about myself, my religion and my culture. So let me respond to you. I am proud that my name is Mohammed. I am proud to be Arab and am proud to be Muslim. That’s all I really need to say on the matter. I don’t need to insult you because by writing the comments that you wrote, you insulted yourself. Plain and simple. No decent human being behaves this way.

I understand why you may be upset at me. People built up on lies will hate the truth. Lies about being a professional trader, lies to people about making and managing millions. Since early this year, you have lead your copiers onto a road of ruin with your so-called associates and finally your victim’s are waking up and realizing what you are all about. They can see that you have no idea what you are doing and they can see that you are losing them money and that the only ones who have made money are you and your associates in the form of your payments. And they can see you trapped them in, so they can not walk away without significant losses.

In exchange for your insults please accept my sympathy and pity. I believe in karma being real. Victimizing these hundreds of people with lies and deception and using them for petty material gains (was it really worth $1000 a month to do this to so many people?) is extremely bad for the karma balance and one way or another it will get back to you. People who do bad things usually always get bad things coming back to them one way or another. So the next time you wish to send an email, instead of emailing it to me, email the hundreds of people that you took advantage of and ask them for forgiveness.

Unlike you I have never lied or deceived or used others for my own gain. That is why no matter what happens, I can respect myself and people will respect me being straight with them. If I perform well, people will thank me and say I did the right thing by them. If I perform badly, people may not thank me, but they can never say that I lied or mislead them. That is something that you will never have. Please reflect on that.


  1. That is just low….very low and disgraceful to insult one’s religion, culture and that person as a whole…

    I feel sorry for you, Mohammed…but mostly, I feel very sorry for that guy/girl who sent you such email, for being so ignorant and full of hatred.

    Please ignore this kind of people, Mohammed. There are so many more good people and things out there for us to cherish.

    Hmm….I hope the “you and your so-called associates” mentioned in this post are not the people that I have in mind now. Hopefully I am wrong.

    1. Of course I can be wrong, but it does not quite fit to me… Maybe a confusion about the expediter, as it doesn’t seems clear who sent it?

  2. Ya Mohammed,

    Please ignore them and recommend that you share this in our private forum so as we can be cautious that we don’t ever copy them and if we are copying them, we leave them whenever possible. The clue that you gave is a bit familiar and hope that if it was this team thank God I got rid of them recently due to their mediocre performance!
    May Allah guide you as you are aware the truth will always win.
    take care,
    best regards,

  3. I am so sorry to hear this – I was in shock reading your email. I guess this is just the society we live in with a lot of intolerance for different cultures and believes.
    It would be good to identify and block that individual. On a good note, I think you reached your objectives for setting up your website and forum. There are a a lot of great and challenging conversations going on.

  4. Hi Mohammed,

    I am a British Muslim myself and trust me I really understand your feelings. Unfortunately, those people are everywhere in every society mate. At the same time, I must say that there are good people as well who represent the majority and respect other religions and culture. I am proud to be Muslim. I am proud to be British, although they say “how can a Muslim be British” and “there’s no such thing as British Muslim”.

  5. Mo ,

    These people are toxic , rise above them , they are full of negativity driven by jealousy , if i was you i would sent the email to Etoro and have them removed , i actually think i know who they are as i read a post on Friday that you commented on , the trader in question seemed quite aggressive in their responces , take it easy

    1. Oh its not the guy from Friday. In this case, I doubt Etoro will do anything about it and rightly so, as I can not prove 100% that it is this group, hence why I wont say the names. But they know who they are and I am sure most people here know who they are.

  6. Hi Mohammed,

    just ignore bad people, I think this person that you’ve talked about doesn’t want to see a successful trader who is Muslim and Arab, I can’t understand why some people act that way, and why they keep that much of hate.

    I really do believe you Mohammed and I think that you are a great person.

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