Update: 17th August 2017

So its been a long and quiet two months here but busy elsewhere. A few updates:

1.) Hosting migration finally completed. Was supposed to be 24 hours but took 8 days and resulted in the loss of most of the webinars.

2.) Two new projects finished. One as a hobby which I coded from scratch and is a work in progress, you can find links to it on this blog, the other is far more serious collaboration with Tarek and another third party and will be announced in due time.

3.) Webinar page has been updated. Business as usual on Sunday.

4.) Forecasts have been updated.

For those of you who haven’t been in daily contact on Whatsapp, hope you are all well and had a pleasant summer.

Still alive and well

Thanks for the concerned emails. I am still alive and well. The issue I currently have is that ZOOM has stopped functioning so I am looking for a new platform for the webinars. Otherwise, the community is still active daily on Whatsapp and is gearing up towards November. Ramadan Kareem everyone and hope to speak soon. Miss you all.

P.s. In the meantime, please if anyone has any suggestions for a new webinar platform, then comment below. Also if you know anyone at ZOOM who can help, please do put them in touch.

Update: 23 April 2017

Please find it below:

Update: 9th April 2017 – 4 pips that cause a nightmare

Please find it below:

Update: Trading Summary 29th March 2017 – Back to the drawing board with an ambitious plan

Please find it below and don’t forget to comment on which date you think we will be back in green by and which date we will be back to a 100% gain by.

Update: Trading Summary 28th March 2017 – Back in red… for now….

Please find it below:

Update: Trading plan 27th March 2017

Please find it below:

Update: 14 March 2017 – Trading summary and a milestone

As we cross our first milestone today, I strongly urge all our community to listen to this summary and give it some serious consideration.

Please find it below: