1. Wasnt a recovery. Am
      Quite dissapointed. We were massively up this time last week before we got Yellened (50% up) now we lost nearly half of those gains and are likely to finish the month 30% up.

  1. Great hedging though. I thought we were going to blow the account last Friday. We have to accept that that possibility is very real considering the trading strategy.

    Also, a massive thank you of not capitalizing on the Brussels attack.

    Looking forward to your post this evening!

    1. What was great about the hedging? It find it almost impossible to follow trading on HF cause there is no good overview of trades that I know of so I might be wrong here, but everytime I checked trades I could see alot of losses on the hedging, so as far as I could see we would be just as good off, if not better, if instead of hedging we would have closed the original positions as soon as things went against us, and then opened them again when things started to go our way again.

      1. Nope we would have lost $30k from deposits instead of ending up with a $40k gain on equity and a $70k gain on balance. But whatever, this seems to be the issue people always bring up and im sick to death of explaining it every single time. Its so demoralising.

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