Do those who claim they were rescuing their funds have so short a memory?

Is your memory really that short? 7 days before this happened when we were 50% up on equity and 70% up on balance I made a post stating that if you needed your funds and could not afford to risk them to withdraw as we could not afford people withdrawing during period of drawdown. None of you did.
If you really needed them, you should have withdrawn then at a very good profit rather than scrambled to withdraw them when the PAMM needed them. Why do all the people complaining forget this and choose to ignore this fact? Is 7 days ancient history? Zero appology from me for the selfish and in my opinion stupid actions of a few who remained totally silent but now come forward after they see the market would have turned to our favour. Perhaps the realisation of the loss of potential gains has given them energy. Who knows. All I know is that as soon as I see my friend next week who helps me with the backend of this blog, its going to be members only. Quite frankly have wasted enough time on people who betrayed us all and I dont want them to be able to read our trade ideas or outlooks. They are not worthy.

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