First trade for the site and I am happy

Thankfully today has been a positive one. Four trades, four greens, 100% success rate. 2 $EURJPY sells, 1 $USDJPY buy and 1 $GBPUSD sell. All closed with profit in short duration for an overall account profit of more than 5.7% for the day, which brings the total for this week to 37%. This is not bad considering it is only Thursday and no trading was done yesterday (as per my account managers request) to allow copiers to join (another 170 brave souls took the plunge – good on ya!). Luckily all worked out as planned (even my instincts that told me not to go long on GBPCHF before the BOE meeting). Imagine how awkward it would be to make the first post red results? :p

These numbers may be small but I just want to give them some importance to make myself feel better. According to Etoro, my copiers funds are between 100k-300k USD. Let us assume the lowest possible amount and say the amount is 100K. That would mean today i made $5,700 and this week made over $37,000 for my copiers. That is not a bad contribution and I am happy for it. I hope everyone enjoys their share of the profits and that it makes them happy. After all, we have come together to generate wealth (let us be honest).

So anyway what happens next? Well I continue trading as always, but will start posting my thoughts for the day on this blog, so that they can be shared with everyone in advance. Hopefully some people will take the opportunity to learn things and hopefully I can learn something from all of you as well. After all, everyone can always improve right?

At some point, will be trying to also put a forum on this site to discuss things with my copiers, I find it will be easier for me to keep a track of questions and answer them (you have no idea how hard it is to find copiers questions when I get dozens of messages every hour from random people saying “EURUSD UP or DOWN”. So if you do get a chance, please sign up to the forum and chat with everyone. We will all benefit.

Before I finish this post, I want to thank you all for being part of this journey. I am enjoying it and I hope that you all are as well.





  1. Hi Mo!
    Great to see you’ve started a blog,(i know how unreliable etoro is lol) I’m one of your copiers and wondered if you’d post information about your trades here (why you think the markets going up or down ect.) as I’m very interested in learning and a complete novice lol.
    All the best! 🙂

    1. Hi Liam,
      Yes. And wont just post will discuss on the forums with everyone when I get time. Everyone starts somewhere and to be honest there is no reason why you can not all do very well individually in time.

  2. Hi mohammed, really impress with ur trading so far. i was open eur/jpy with sell potition & gain profit thx to u. hopefully i can learn things about forex from this blog.

  3. Hi Mo,

    Thank you for allowing us to join you on this adventure!

    Joined the forum and looking forward to learning!

    All the best

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