I am taking the rest of the day off.

I am not in the best of moods today and its not because the day has gone badly. Its actually been a decent day if you look at the account: We reduced drawdown from 50% to 25%, putting the account in a far more healthy position. Some would actually say this is a good day. So this is not a “its falling apart, im going to melt down rant”. Its a “damn I can not believe my bad luck rant”.

All of the fundamentals this week came into perfect line with what we expected and we did 40 trades in the last 3 days that were all brilliant and would have yielded us 6 figure profits (No joke, check our history from the last 3 days to confirm) had all of them not miraculously been SL’s to laser precision by  widening spreads just before a trend shift.

Such trades include:

USDJPY buys at 111.60

USDJPY buys at 112.39

USDCHF buys at 0.9868

EURCHF buys at 1.088

GOLD sells at 1240

All of these trades had values of millions and combined would have given us profits of $280,000 USD at the very least. All in 3 days. It was a perfect move backed by perfect estimations of data and fundamentals, like one such call I did back in August when I made the community $300,000 (30% of 1 million) in a single week. And yet it all went to waste, solely on bad luck…..

In short, I am not upset with the account because we only reduced draw down today, I am upset with our bad luck that has prevented us from amazing gains. Bad luck that I have never seen on such a consistency.

Now you can understand why I had a little rant earlier. Its hard enough trying to make the big gains we go for, yet when everything goes right except luck and it happens 40 times in less hours, you can imagine why one gets so frustrated.

Am taking the rest of the day off,

Wish you all a great weekend,



  1. Well, such a bad luck streak can change one´s outlook on the short term, but truth is your estimates were mostly right, and when market still went the other way, you managed to hedge and protect the account anyway.
    If you are thinking about changing broker, let us know what your requirements are and maybe we can help find a proper one.
    Oh and please don´t forget to let us know when we (those of us who are not on board yet) can join you on HF or elsewhere!
    Repeated bad luck can be very annoying but it doesn´t last forever!!, so have a nice weekend, just relax and enjoy yourself. We´ll be looking forward to your thoughts next week!

  2. By copying some of our positions from HF on my DEMO, I saw a small portion of what we could’ve achieved through the past 3 days without that Laser-Precise-Spread-Widening-Curse, makes me feel no good. I feel you. we’ve to stay positive and see what we can do about that. I can see that we made it back to breakeven which is a good news thanks to you and your magnificent resilience. Well done Mohammed.

  3. Mo, hope you are well. From the sounds of it, a new platform is in order. These guys seem to be regulated in the same country as the last one. By an outfit much the same as the last one. Does that tell us a story? Bad luck is fine, but 40 times? That’s more than just bad luck.

    1. Hey man. Hope you and the little one are well. Im actually happy that we managed to break even and recover our losses despite this situation, but we would have doubled up had it not been for this bad luck. I still will be careful though in light of what many people have pointed out.

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