Jan 2016: Retiring from Etoro

This is not one of those posts to seek attention or to harvest compliments, so please do not ask me to reconsider, I have made up my mind. I am commited to leaving Etoro towards Mid-Jan when these current trades meet their targets. The genuine reason is that openbook is no longer fun and life is too short to spend reading comments from people who literally just want to to get a rise out of provoking sensitive people like me. Not going to waste anymore time with it, have already wasted far too much.

Will still keep this community active untill December 2018 and will still post regularly and share trade ideas and reply to your questions when I can. I have taken this decision as I no longer feel comfortable posting on Etoro or dealing with the crowds there. While there are a lot of kind people, there are also a lot of nasty ones and with no privacy or block function, one is forced to read walls of abuse, spam and self promotion all day.

I will share more of my plans when we have these trades where we want them. In the mean time, I am getting back to my holiday (seriously this time) and will speak to you all when I get back. Thanks for respecting my decision and for your support.


  1. Mo.
    Sorry to hear that. Truly.
    You know you’ll have a hardcore fan base however you decide to go forward

    I’ll be near the front

  2. Too much hate and jealousy in the world. You do right to shield yourself from it.

    Like every social platform, Facebook, Twitter etc, people will use the relative anonymity of it to say things that they never would face-to-face. Etoro has lagged behind with providing tools to protect yourself from seeing such unsavoury content – which is a shame.

    Let me be the first to say that I’ll miss your posts and genuinely good advice on there. I’ll withdraw the funds when you close your last trade and place it in your PAMM.

    Thanks for the ride on eToro. It was fun while it lasted.


  3. Hi Mohammed,

    Sad to read that but respecting the choice. You could just open the trader and never use the open book… I know it’s hard when doing nice effort for bad persons.
    Enjoy safe holidays, take good time for you. We’ll all speak about plans for next years considering your new choices after that and then follow it. Hope Hot Forex plans are still fine and hope we’ll find a way to keep our happy story. Anyway, you did so many perfect work for us, a thank you is not enough for that, trust me.

    Be sure we’re many with you, and wanna help you.

  4. Well, I won’t tell you to stay Mo, while you’re getting hurt from staying. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to copy you as:
    1) I am totally novice and I had to learn at least the basics and watch different platforms to choose one to go with as a start.
    2) Minimum funds to copy you is not ready yet.

    I wish If I could’ve got the honor to copy someone like you and stay close and learn from you. but it seems bad people always ruin it for the good. you have a big community that supports you and appreciates all what you’re doing for them. but unfortunately some are not. don’t make some ruin it on the big majority. but the choice is always yours. and I will always support you and agree with you whatever the choice is.

    I am not sure if I am in a situation where I can give a piece of advice. As much as I appreciate you the way you are, and what I am gonna say has nothing to do with you staying -I already said it, I am supporting you whatever you choice is- but you should start working on getting some thick skin Mo, your true value is within and I can see it from here. if someone can’t see it, it’s their problem not yours. STOP letting people hurt you.

    Definitely will miss you and all of your thoughts, The thoughts of Ohemgee.

    Wish you the best Mohammed!

    Have a great Holiday,

    Your Egyptian brother from Algeria,

  5. Well, you can actually make your profile “private” and no longer interact with eToro community.
    The draw back is that doing so you cannot be copied by new people. Not sure what would happen to existing copiers.. I suppose it continue copy as usual.
    To make a profile private :
    Settings (left panel) => Privacy => Share trading activity? => No.

    The name is misleading, not only you no longer share trading activity but also cannot be followed or copied, nor post, like, share, comment, or be liked, shared, commented on, or searched in the user base.

    A bit like being gone, while staying on eToro..

      1. Indeed, trolls are a waste of time.
        People taking trading seriously, like you, should not be wasting time by taking a defensive position as that is exactly the purpose of a ‘troll’.

        If you would decide to make your etoro profile private, I can guarantee that your copiers will remain but interaction is no longer possible via etoro and no new people can copy you from that moment on.

      2. Sorry about my comment Mo, but in this case I believe you should contact the customer support to make it clear to you.

        And I’m saying this because I’m thinking of a scenario which nobody would like to happen. Let’s say you make your profile private and the platform system auto-removes us (the copiers), with the loss in which we are right now. If this happens, people won’t let you enjoy your holidays at all and they will be moaning all the time….

        Pardon me once again for the comment. Enjoy your holidays and I wish you the best for the 2016!

  6. Dear Mohammed,
    while I can only concur with the previous comments, I’m just profoundly happy to have met you on Etoro while you were there. Due to all the noise the big social media platforms serve for distraction, but clearly aren’t the place for serious and focused communication. That’s sometimes possible on niche platforms and of course in private areas. Setting up this blog and your forum was indeed the right choice for having a sheltered place for our community. Thank you for that (too)! Have joyful and relaxing holidays!

    1. Thanks Ryan. Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks for showing everyone the kind of “man” you are. A liar and someone who wishes death on strangers. Class act.

      1. Mo, please remove these posts from Ryan and MB. You do not need to hear this and you left etoro because of haters so please do not let them jeopodise the community here as well. Take care bro.

        1. I banned them so they cant come back. Incidentally its the same person.At least same IP address. Im actually glad they showed their true colours. Makes me feel happier with my decision to walk away.

  7. Hi Mo!
    I realy do regret but respect your decision. It would be selfishly to ask you to reconsider your decision and it would not come up with the respect I have for you!!

    But I would support the idea to carry on trading on eToro and not using open book any more. Just do your trades and let us copy you. See, there are far more than 1.000 copiers – most of them are totally confortable with your (hard) work and do appreciate it highly. Those of us are punished by your decision thanks to some idiots.
    To interact with the community easyly, you also could open an faithbook account. There you can accept a n d block the friends and communicate with us. That’s the easiest way even for those who want to follow you to HF.
    Also, please keep in mind, that there are some of your supporters, who cannot afford to open the PAMM V2 account. Either they don’t have the founds or they are not accepted because of the country they life (US, Italy…).

    Looking forward to read your excellent thoughts in the future and to participate in your trades…

    Best regards, Merry Christmas and still great holidays,

    P.S.: I hope I could find the right words although my English is kind of rusted…

  8. Im sad to hear the trolls have broken you down and you leave etoro ๐Ÿ™

    I hope you will keep trading anywhere where its possible to copy you. If you still will continue on Hotforex I will move most of my etoro capital and add it to my hotforex account.

    Have a nice holiday Mo!

  9. Fully understand Mo. Please keep us informed as, once these trades are closed, I would still like to continue copying but will need to set up an alternative.. When do you expect to see liquidity returning to the market? Presumably not until the NY?

  10. Ryan, you are an absoulte peace of filth, how dare you make such comments on here, you are the type of pathetic little gimp that got bullied at school and could not stand up for your self. So now you hide behind your keyboard trading pathetic little insults to people that can not phisicaly defend them self in person. Love to see if you had the balls to say that to Mos face if you ever met him. I suspect not.

    Mo guys like this and just the whole nonsense and general bitching that surrounds social media is the reason that i have never ever been involved with any of them. Believe it or not etoro is the only platform that i have ever posted on.

    I totaly understand why you want to leave it, no body needs that in their life. You are good enough to post full indepth posts about your trades and keep everbody informed. Unfortunately that is not good enough for some people, some others can not even be bothered to read them.

    Chin up mate, you have plenty of people who fully support and appreciate your efforts.

    Hope you enjoy your holiday.


  11. Yeah! Go private and do all the communication through the forum.

    Many of us highly appreciate your trading and your educational efforts.

  12. Mo,

    Got no words for this… ๐Ÿ™
    Ignore the trolls, if you go now, you let them win. It is only a few amount of people who are trolls, you got like over 1000 ppl supporting you in every move you do and you let a few ppl get under your skin?

    Maybe putting your account into private will block of trolls communication i don’t know.

    Kind Regards,

    Ken Provo

  13. Hi Mo,
    Iยดm sad to see that they “win” and we are losing you.
    I wish you all the best for you, you are a very good person, I never imagined to find some one like in this kind in this place.
    God bless you, by anywhere you go.
    Thanks for all!

  14. The ‘private’ setting – if indeed you can keep your current copiers – is a brilliant idea! I would rather stay there for the time being if at all possible as setting up
    Elsewhere throws up a couple of issues for me. Respect your decision either way Mo, but retaining the project on eToro but in a protected way, alongside the blog and forum strikes me as a great way to go.

  15. Hi Mohammed,
    I respect your decision about Etoro,unfortunately I’m copying you only since this month but I like the way you make trading, I’ll continue to follow you on this blog, thanks for your effort and your updates.

  16. Absolutely disgusted by comments made by Ryan and MB
    i also think the private no copy option may be good but would that close all current trades and drop us ?

    Cant believe we have desended to this in under a week

  17. hey mo, pls dont give these kids the attention they are seeking for. continue with your great work not giving a damn about these little bananas – they will never stop complaining regardless of how good and true your answer is. why not continue to trade at etoro but handle all the info and comments on your website – here you have the control ๐Ÿ™‚ – merry christmas

  18. please go to some were, that i can copy you withe the money of etoro. I lose to much money on trading, and i start to copy you with $100 in the hope of get back my loss, and now you give the news that you are going away from etoro.
    Not a good new for me. Hope this trades can recover, and i can copy you in other place with my seed money in etoro.
    Hope, Hope, Hope

    Wiching you good vacations, rest well you deserve for sure.

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