Lesson learned

Never ever trust anyone elses analysis no matter if it matches your own general outlook. I should really know better but made this mistake today which cost us a small fortune from our profits.

I guess its human instinct that when we see these things, sometimes we act. To this event I have blocked all the people who post these unasked for “broken resistance” comments on my twitter. All they have done is filled me with doubt and burned my confidence at times and they have actually proven to be of no benefit to us most of the time. So we block the 5 of them, learn our lesson and move on. We wish them good luck with all their trading, but we do not care to hear about it any further.

Sorry guys. Should not have listened and should know better. Trust me, seeing 15k of hard work profits from this morning get wiped out by listening to these guys hurts me as much as it does all of you.


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