LOL – Never again

Guys, for real this time make me a promise. If you ever see me trying to trade EUR vs Commodity currencies ever again please do the following:

1.) Go the airport.

2.) Get on a plane to Dubai.

3.) Find me.

4.) Slap me.

5.) Close the trade.

6.) Go home.

Seems I trade these particular pairs as badly as Cliff trades cable and Erwin trades DAX.

Anyway, wish you all a Happy Easter. Will post a proper update later. But I did want to warn you all. Liquidity is terrible today and spreads are massive (e.g. USDCAD is 15 pips!). Please trade carefully,

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Seems we all have something which turns out to be the achilles heel!… Since the new year ALL trades I touch do total the opposite for me!.. So I’ve kept out of it since January, and am now letting you and others get on with it ?..

    Happy Easter all, hope you have fantastic weekends

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