Looking forward to a fresh week. 6th December 2015

Hope you are all well and have had a good weekend after our chaotic end to the last week. I had some time to think about how last week ended, while in the car today and cheered up a lot. I realized that after weeks of great performances one week with an overall 0.5% loss is not the end of the world and while it is annoying to come to the end of a hot streak when the fundamentals for employment went just as your predicted, it also is a position from which we can easily recover with very good profit next week as long as we stick to our plan and nothing out of the ordinary happens. All things considered we are actually in quite a safe position and I think we need to stay positive and look at what went right rather than what went wrong and how we can build on this. At the end of the day losses are still unrealized and I have full confidence that they can turn around.

Firstly, the weekly outlook:

Keeping it brief, I expect:

USD strength to re-emerge in the build up to the Fed meeting on the 15th.
The RBNZ to cut rates on Wednesday.
US consumer confidence and retail sales to be respectable.
Aussie employment to show weakness.

I also fear that Chinese data (trade balance) will disappoint and help strengthen the Yen and other haven assets.

Now a few more important things to discuss:

A.) Trade ideas:

1.) Trade ideas for next week are formulated and will be posted on the forum.
1.) Options ideas for next week are formulated and will be posted on the forum shortly.
2.) CFD trade ideas for next week and formulated and will be posted on the forum.

I spent a lot of time and effort on these and I am looking forward to them.

B.) Etoro:

Etoro called me today and told me that they have enrolled me into their PI program. They said it was their standard practice and they have gone ahead with it. I do not see the star next to my name yet but I want to assure you of two things.

1.) It will NOT change how I trade. I made this utterly clear on the phone.
2.) To make sure there is no conflict of interest, I have decided a great idea on what to do with the money (whenever any gets in – which might be never knowing my risk score.) I am going to make it part of our novice trader program, where each time I get some, I will split it between 5-10 of the foundation graduates (will send via paypal) on the forums so they can try their own trade ideas with real money at no cost to them. Because face it, learning from mistakes is expensive education in trading.

Since we have no say in this matter, I think that this is the best thing that we can do and that we can actually make a positive out of this for the community. Of course, I would like to know the community’s thoughts on this.

C.) Consistency:

I think one of the most important things in analysis is to be consistent. Sure you change your opinion if you have good reason to, that is the right thing to do (i.e. Admit mistakes.) What is annoying is seeing these so called experts who change their opinion every 10 minutes and then preach it like it is gospel. Amazingly, they never do this for upcoming events and its always for the previous day. A word of advice to these people. You don’t sound as clever as you think you do when you act this way. Respect yourself and stay consistent.

D.) My attitude:

I realise that in the last few days I snap sometimes when people ask me the same question over and over again, but that is because quite simply I get annoyed when people think that I have no purpose but to sit around waiting to repeat myself over and over. I have a life and things to do much like the rest of you. I am not just PIXELS on a screen. I am a human being. Here was my day today.

Wake up at 6 Am.
Drive to work.
Work some more.
Work even more.
Drive home.
Conduct fundamental and technical analysis of FX pairs for next weeks trade ideas and outlooks.
Look at MA’s of pairs and see what comes up in the economic calendar that can make them good ultra short term options trades.
Conduct technical analysis for CFDs equities and commodities and look at their current news and balance sheets for trade ideas
Post these all on the forum.
Start to go through my hundreds of messages.
Post on the blog to update everyone.

As you can see, I put a lot of time into this and I snap because sometimes I just feel taken for granted. I know I might be over-sensitive at times (especially given the fact that I get great support from most of you), but that is just how I am. I should try to ignore the exceptions, but I just can’t. For me manners are very important. They go up with there with being open and honest. So please bear this in mind the next time you try to rush me or ask me things over and over again. To you its a casual few seconds on the keyboard, to me its a lot more time and effort. Then again I am probably wasting my time, because the people who do this probably will not even read this.

Anyway rant over, thanks for reading and wish us all a great week,



  1. Thanks Mo for share yours thoughts, they are clear, and show us how you really are.
    Thanks for your time and patient, teaching and guide us.

  2. Hi Mohammed,
    As allways it’s nice to read you. It’s important for everybody to know how much Time this work take you and what your days are made of.
    Your idea for the community monney is perfect. I’m sure that will help many of us, last week some of us get massives losses and this idea is brilliant to continue learning!
    Thank you,

  3. Thank you Mo
    Very nice from you.
    I have a question, What is your job? But you need not answer, if you dont want.

  4. Thanks so very much MO. You are just too superb when it comes to analysis and performance. Keep up the good work and keep ignoring useless the posts of ungrateful and ignorant fellows who always question all your actions. One thing very unique about you is this act of keeping us your followers and copiers informed of your trading plans, which some popular investors don’t really do. I know of caraj51 who never respond to any post of his copiers and followers but you are totally different. Please, kindly ignore the distractors.

  5. Every time I get a “new email” notify on my email and it is a update on your blog i rush in and read it 🙂 Its just so informative and i definetly learn a lot from it. And you giving money from the PI program, man I have no words, you are just so big hearted and you make me feel even more confident in your trades (if that is even possible)

    Really looking forward to the next trading week with you 🙂 Have a nice “rest of the sunday” 🙂

  6. Dear Mohammed,
    A big Thank you for everything.
    For the copiers that are complaining, this is just a drawdown which for most of the copiers just had a small dent on the profits earned from OHEMGEE . Chill out and let OHEMGEE do his work.
    Thanks a million bro,

  7. Hello Mohamed, thanks as always! I also think all those beautiful things that have been said before, I will not repeat. I regret one thing: most of your copiers eToro earn money thanks to you but I do not think I’ve ever said “thank you”, “good” or at least “good morning” … !!!!!!Envy your patience! cmq Thanks again! I say that with the money they earn with your help with Etoro, I hope to realize a dream: traveling with my wife and my daughters in Iceland! I will send you pictures … !!!

  8. Thanks for your hard work and generosity Mo! I think you should keep PI profits for yourself. That would only be fitting. It would be more work for you to split profits. You already do so much for your friends and followers. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    1. Dear Mo

      I agree with Suthan.

      You already do more then enough for us!!!

      Thanks for the update and your thoughts, much appreciated as always.

      On to a new week, I’am sure you will teach the market a lesson (once again) 😉


  9. Hi Mohamed,

    Most of us always keep reading your thoughts.
    Please do not feel like no one is following you. We appreciate the time you spend on this I used to work in a cib and I am telling that ppl do not this for free as you do. I hope I can help with anything I am an IT and BA finance.

    Greetings from Paris,

  10. I think you’re probably right – the folk who ignorantly ask “up or down” on pairs are probably not the type of person to take the time to read your thoughts.
    Thank you for your thoughts – i enjoy your blog.

    Greetings from Inverness, Scotland


  11. Excellent as always Mo. You are an amazing man, people can learn an awful lot from you and I don’t just mean just trading.
    It’s a great lesson to think of others. Today whilst out shopping with my partner and our daughter we walked passed a homeless man, we made his day a little better by bobing in to Costa Coffee and getting him a hot coffee, sandwich, crisps and a cake along with giving him a few pounds, nothing to me but an awful lot to him. We all appreciate Mo’s kindest, the sharing of his time and knowledge. All I ask, if you see someone less fortunate than yourself, don’t just walk by, do the right thing.

  12. Hi Mo!
    Thanks a lot again!!!
    Most of US really do know what are You doing for us and we highly appreciate it!!!
    Please keep in mind, that the hardest punishment for a stupid post is to not answer to it… think of it?
    Wishing us a successful week,

  13. Well just reiterate, your efforts are very much appreciated by many people! Thank you. As for snapping at stupid or repeated questions, anyone who looks at the number of your copiers and followers you have will not blame you.

  14. Mo, you have made me believe that there can be ethical traders in today’s world. In this cut-throat world, you are a beacon of hope. The money you make for every one of your followers helps each person in their life. We are all very grateful to you for your insights and opinions.

    As for the PI program, I think you should keep the money. You deserve it. However, it is your choice. I fully respect your idea of rewarding the novice traders in the community.


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