Mid Day update: 2nd December 2015

So that was an interesting development. We already knew before today that Mario Draghi was ready to “do what was necessary” to bring inflation up to its target. I am sure todays dissapoiting figure of 0.1% Year on year inflation growth for the Eurozone, will the ECB under even more pressure to act tomorrow and they will not hesitate this time in my opinion.
In short, if you are one of those Euro Bulls that has everything tied up in Euro buys, I hope you have far SL’s and are patient enough to wait a LONG time, because it truly looks like the odds are heavily stacked against you.

With regards to what is to come later in the day, we have the private NFPs later (don’t confuse this with the non-farm payroll change on Friday which is the US big event this week), and a speech by Yellen to also see if we are given any hints what her plans are.

In the meantime, after partaking in some of the festivities, I intend to waste the next few hours while I wait for economic data trading options on 3 different demo accounts (your questions have inspired me), while at the same time getting completely destroyed at Star Wars by some Koreans (I think they are Korean). So hopefully catch up with you all in a few hours.


P.s. If any of you play that game and are semi-talented, Mo could really use your help. Sick of always losing the round.


  1. Thanks for everything you do for us Mo! I’ve decided to step copying everyone else and put all my copy-funds on you. You are the only one I trust with my money! Thanks again.


  2. Thanks. It means GAME OVER for Scady&Co.
    Good that i stopped copying her and paused copying another two.
    For me you are the only true one in Etoro.

  3. Hi Mo!
    Thanks again for your most interesting words. I’m slowly getting to understand the meaning. But most important for me – I do trust in You, and had some green trades on my own in the last few days! Am proud of me – thanks to You!!!

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