Mid day update: 30th November 2015

Will keep this short as I am not in the best of moods, had my share of trolls today after posting on Etoro again. Big mistake from me, never again.

On to the account:
All trade ideas today worked with exceptional success. 2 trades closed with good profit.
1 trade closed with a small 3% profit.
This was the AUDUSD, I thought the sell position would fall more but it did not, in hindsight I should have TP at 0.7170 but I made a mistake. I closed as I think mid week the AUD will turn firm as I think the RBA will hold rates and Aussie GDP will be firm. Therefore, I closed at a small profit rather than risk my team being dragged into the red.

This far, at the time of writing this, overall equity of the account is up by 3.5% today, so its been a good start to the week. I am eager to chase more profit, despite it being the end of the month and smashing our 20% target this month, as always if opportunity presents itself, we will go for it!

As you all know, we have more trade ideas for tomorrow which we will act on, but for the rest of today, we shall wait to see what opportunities the US trading session bring us.

Will try to post more when I am felling more like it. Thanks for understanding,



  1. I trust you Mohammed and this right now when you have no open trades or you have only one open trade, I know you see that is the right thing to do.

    you are the one experienced here not those on etoro.
    wish you best of luck 🙂

  2. Thanks very much for your regular updates, I personally highly rate you as trader and have every trust in the decisions you make. Ignore all the negative people as no one is forcing them to copy you!!

  3. Hi Mohammed, If this could help a bit to lift up your spirits I have had some amazing gains so far and its all because of your trades and your training. And believe me your help with trading will improve the life not only of myself personally but also of a family member who is very sick . So if we put aside all the trolls you cannot even imagine how much you are helping me and all our trading community. Very Kind regards from me . Ina

  4. Great start to the week, thanks. Take your time and don’t let the trolls get to you, after all you’ve done already, you don’t owe us anything mate. Posts just like this one are already 100% more than what you get with any other copy trader. Take care!

  5. Hey Mo,

    I used to work in a Casino, believe me you may find trolls where ever you are.

    Best way to beat trolls: humor 🙂

    For I doubt humanity I still believe in it and you are a beacon of light.

  6. Thank you very much for your hard work and teachings. Enjoy our respect and admiration, and about the trolls …. Let them rot in their caves.

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