Monthly BOJ Report for November Summary

Nothing that should strengthen the yen here

Key points:
Public Investments declining
Inflation flat
Production flat
Debt burden a problem
Concerns over emerging economies

BUT: They expect moderate recovery.

The key point here in my opinion:
“Meanwhile, risks to the outlook include developments in the emerging and commodity-exporting economies, the prospects regarding the debt problem and the momentum of economic activity and prices in Europe, and the pace of recovery in the U.S. economy. ”

I see no reason why this should make us change our buy position on the USDJPY.


Full summary of BOJ report here: https://www.boj.or.jp/en/mopo/gp_2015/gp1511a.pdf




  1. I have 3 open trades. I sold USD/JPY (lots 0.07)pice 119.37, (lots 0.35) 119.43, (lots 0.35) 120.33. The trades are x 300 leverage.

  2. It is going the right direction for all the open trades. If I look at the calender for next week it can indeed be all “green” especially tuesday and wednesday..
    Patience , patience and again patience… 🙂

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