Not posting on my forum anymore will only trade on Etoro

You spend ages of your time completely free trying to help people. You spend months fixing the damage done to their accounts by people who scammed them. What do you get in return? People counteracting what you try to do and instead of spending time reading up on the help you give them, they treat you like Siri and defend some of these leeches. 

Not wasting anymore time on that forum. Not wasting anymore hours typing free lessons for you, because less than 10% of you deserve them. The rest of you treat me like a cash cow or Siri app with No Respect. From now on will focus on trading and updating copiers from here only.

And instead of spending countless hours of my time helping a community that does not deserve it, i will spend it doing volunteer work or something better.


  1. I really feel sorry for you that you arent treated well when you are just a really good person that gives everything of yourself and your knowledge to totally unknown persons, just to be nice and do something good.

    Man I really respect you for the person you are and the skills you have! Also the decition you take regarding feedback to you copiers/community is totally understandable!

    Have a really nice day and I will be one of your everyday follower on your blog since its so interesting and you have so much knowledge 🙂

  2. Hi Mo,

    sorry but I don’t quite follow.. A few days ago you seemed to be somewhat proud of the work done here, the trading ideas being discussed and challenged each week, etc..

    What changed over only a few days?

  3. I’m really sorry for you being annoyed.
    I do think the majority is with you Mo and many of us hope to continue the journey of learning and making some money.

  4. Hi Mo, just finished a 13 hour night shift as the nurse in charge of a very busy intensive care unit and look forward to seeing your latest update. Come home to my beautiful wife and 2 kids. I have only just started copying you on etoro but the path you are laying can provide hope for me and my family. I am sorry you feel these people are taking advantage of you but you are helping so many people. Take care mate. Off to sleep now and can’t wait for the new trading week to begin.

  5. Hello Mohammed and hope you can enjoy the sunday away from this. I fully understand your decision. You have already gone way above what anyone could expect from a trader to copy on etoro and you have my heartfeld thanks for it. Having come from knowing nothing at all about trading just months ago I have learned massive amounts reading your lessons, and watching your trading in action. If you need any help considering the site, am very happy to pitch in, we can bring the banhammer down hard to weed out the trolls, but I understand if you’re done with it, one can only take a finite amount of abuse. Thanks for everything!

    1. ^^ Co sign. Maybe have some sort of screening system in place for people who want to sign up to the forums or to do your lessons. Make sure they’ve read the rules etc, hopefully weed out those type of people.

  6. I was shocked , I’m sure the reasons were relevant , I respect your decision, and I want to thank you for the three weeks that I am copying his trades.
    All the for you, you deserve.


  7. All of us respect your decision. It’s clear from your wall on etoro and from the forum the spam and silly questions that repeated again and again. What ever you see that affects us in a good side, just do it and you’ll get our support. Nowadays, it’s rarely to find a person like you.

  8. Good morning Mo.

    Respect for your decision.Knowledge and time is more worth than money. I wish you good trades and thanks for all the greens.


  9. Dear Mohammed,
    I’m very sorry to hear that your altruism, your dedication and profound knowledge seemingly by some people wasn’t really honoured. However, according to my expierence due to all kinds of personalities you find there, social media itself bears the risk of frustration for HSPs (who I think you are). Especially in this realm it needs quite an ability to dissociate oneself from others, which might seem contradictory when you just want to help them. A conflict which easily leads to frustration. Also I think that managing and following different channels can easily be overwhelming. Even for me just following you everywhere was too much. I decided to simply follow your blog posts and regularily visit the forum section where you explain your trade ideas …

    Having said this, I want to ask you to consider continuing writing about trade ideas and posting lessons exclusively in the private section, and rigorously depriving people of access when you think they don’t deserve it. I mean, isn’t that the advantage of a private section, that you have full control over who is admitted? I really hope you will continue with your lessons, ’cause THERE IS a bunch of people who respects you not only for your performance but also for your integrity, who tacidly admires what you do and wants to learn from you for to follow your vision of an educated community. Be assured that there are dozens of people who like me feel blessed to have come across you, who hang on your every word, but seldomly raise their voice either because they don’t want to “spam” threads with positive still unconstructive comments or because they regard their English language skills as insufficient. I really hope you’ll find back to that enthusiasm which pervaded your “alternative trading platform” draft …

  10. Good afternoon Mohammed,

    there are days I have to deal with 500 people, most of them nice, friendly, polite, thankful and there are others as you know. I’m having a saying about that. No matter what, the percentage of people who disrespect you, treat you badly and have no manners is always the same, about 5-10%. Your copiers increased very fast in the last month, you’re over 1250 copiers right now. If you take my wording in consideration you’re looking at about 100 copiers that don’t respect your hard work, question you and ask stupid questions. The more people copy you, the harder it gets.
    I learned so much this last month, read your articles, read the forum. Studying Fibonacci, news, Bollinger bands and so on.
    You’re doing such a great work, thank you

  11. Hey Mo,
    I too understand your decision. But nevertheless you should know – as people already mentioned – that you still have a massive amount of support and trust from people who are copying you on etoro and from people who are willing to learn from you!
    I know it’s like saying to an antisocial person “just be more social” and think it will trigger some kind of miracle, but still, try not to let everything that’s said on the internet get through to you. It’s still the internet and we all know that decent people are the exception online.
    However, I wish you the very best and wanted to thank you for what you are doing, keep your head up high, because your actions allow you to do so!
    Best regards,

    PS: Since I’m a web-developer, I can help you too with anything you need regarding your website (e.g. Individual WordPress-Plugins or whatever), just let me know.

  12. Hi Mo!
    Have been following your updates for about three weeks. Once again: Thanks for all!! Most of US know what you have been doing for us!!! Please do not give up because of the stupid crowed! Yes, they do not deserve your help, advice and assistance!
    But think over again your decision, as you will be punishing all of us!!!
    I’am not going to back you, as I know, you would hate it…
    So I am confident that you will support us in the future, as we do need you!
    Please ignore those others!!!

  13. Hello Mohammed,

    I am deeply sorry about the recent frustrations you’ve had to face. Being met with such resistance is very draining.

    I appreciate all you have done and in this past month my zero knowledge of trading has increased tenfold. Your candor and generosity is so rare in this field, it really was a blessing coming across your blog. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude. I wish you all the best and hope that if you decide to continue your vision of creating a space for learning that it’ll be free of the aggravations of social media.

  14. Do whatever is good for you brother. We all support you. However, I just got feelings that this is what those people want that you stop what your doing for us. If this is the case, please don’t let them win.

    I really appreciate for all your hard works for us. Thank you mate.

  15. Sorry to hear that.
    It’s crazy how much we’ve already learned from you and I’d like to thank you again for all this knowledge & information.
    Also important for me is that you don’t profit from unethical situations like the terrorist attacks in Paris.
    Thanks & keep up the good works!

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