November 6th 2015 Summary

So that was that. Decided to go with the conviction I had in the earlier post, that the NFP was going to be solid and backed that with our money. I chose the NZDUSD pair as I wanted something with a limited upside in case I was wrong. Gladly I was and we can report that every day this week we finish the week on a positive note.

Happy with:

1.) Daily profit today was 3.5% of the whole portfolio.

2.) Weekly profit for this week (Traded only 3 days) 41.7% of the whole portfolio, which I am happy with. Means I made between $41,000 – $120,000 for my copiers this week, assuming the AUM is between 100K and 300K. (not too shabby hey lads?)

3.) Saw some activity on my new site and forum.

4.) Gained a lot new copiers and followers (who actually engage in conversation with me, which I love!)

5.) Second consecutive week that didn’t have to keep trades open over night.

6.)17th profitable trade in a row.

Disappointed with:

1.) Profit should be higher. I closed that trade 20 pips lower than it was, yet Etoro lagged for many seconds. I am not happy with that.

2.) Myself. Saw someone post a BS claim earlier about losses being part of their plan, and I snapped out at them. I know I shouldnt give these clowns attention, but I cant help but feel that if I do nothing and they cheat people that I am part of the problem by doing nothing.


I wish all of you a great weekend,



P.s. If you haven’t already. Please pass by the forum and join the community. I really think we can have a nice little haven there.


  1. Hi Mo, I can’t really say enough how much I appreciate that you’re sharing your thoughts about your open positions. Not only does this reinforce the confidence to invest with someone who really knows what he’s talking about but there is also so much to learn from you. Thanks for everything you do for the community. Have a great weekend, Jule

  2. love it Mo! like a journal 🙂
    thank you me too for your work and wisdom and i am so happy i copy you right since your come back 🙂

  3. Funny thing is no you were so right “losses are all part of the plan” hahaha even I know that’s bs! Well done this week mate and have a nice weekend 🙂

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