Please be mindful of this next week

Sorry this will be brief as posting from mobile. I just wanted to remind you all of the ECB meeting this upcoming week as its very important. Recent inflation has showed contraction and GDP has been lethargic in the eurozone. In short up to now the ECB have failed. Therefore expect very aggresive action from them this week. They are likely to not only cut rates further but also massively expand QE. Please consider this in your trading next week. In short the Euro should become MUCH weaker.
My positioning on this will be to have lots of PUT options on Eurusd before the meeting. I will sell CFD’s on eurusd and euraud (this should have HUGE potential) and on HF, i will sell the euro pairs constantly moving Sls to deeper green territory. I will also take big CFD’s on european equities which are likely to sor as the ECB adds more stimulus.

There done my duty. Now back to relaxing for the weekend.


  1. Thanks for the tips. Are you speaking of the Euro group meeting or the Finance Minister meeting or both?

    Have a nice weekend.

      1. Oh so you mean just the Eurozone interest rate decision on the 10th. Do you think there will be much point to trading around the other two meetings? They both have 2/3 on importance, but I’ve never traded based on one of them so don’t know what to expect. And since these two are just speeches they could be dovish or hawkish or whatever and have the opposite effect until the decision on the 10th?

  2. Thanks for the update Mo. Could Draghi fail again and send the euro flying higher like last time? I think he has probably learnt his lesson.

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