Seems honesty is even rarer than I thought

So after looking at the deposits this morning it seems that there were 9 accounts in total that had more than 1,000 in net deposits (some of these had significantly more,

with one guy alone from North Europe, wont say who, making up 20% of the whole pool). I actually know by name who these people are.
Yet dozens claim to have lost 5 figure amounts. News flash people: Net deposits were 114k not 1.14m.

If all the people who claimed to lose 10k or more actually had, our balance would have been 7 figures before we even started our first trade. As nice as this would have been, i think we all know this simply is far from the truth. 

I dont see what benefit there is in people lying about this. Perhaps those who withdrew have digested what would have happened had they waited another 24 hours and want to justify their action? Well why should i be surprised that dishonest people use more dishonest statements to justify their behaviour? Nothing should surprise me anymore. 


  1. So did the 9 people who had over 1k in the account panic and jump ship? Or was it a collective? Problem with this whole thing is you had a lot of investors that we don’t hear from or don’t know. Most of them probably don’t use twitter or never interacted here much. So just like in the markets people suffer from greed or fear and deposit when up and withdraw when down. If you ever do something like this again you should have a online form or contract to be signed to not withdraw and leave the money and abide by other rules.

    1. Nope. None of those 9 jumped ship. They all stayed till the last and unfortunately, much to my regret lost everything.
      It was smaller investors who jumped ship, like one earlier today who claimed to be there till the last but then slipped up and revealed what time the withdrawals happened. They then claim that they were just recuing their funds. Disgraceful behaviour from a two-faced liar. Shame on him.

  2. I honestly can say i had more then 1k deposited. Lost it all due to a few leaving the ship. I do blame them. TRADE ONLY WITH MONEY YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE! Thats the only simple reason. I am not nowhere gutted for loosing it all. I took a chance and lost. But the reason why i lost makes me feel gutted. Selfish people! I even had more then 4k $ at a sudden moment. Did i withdraw? NO!

    I dont blame Mo at all!

    1. And you get clowns like Sopihop whose last comments I had to delete for simply being vile and false who withdrew, lie about it and then try to make claims like “withdrawals do not bring down margins”. After they revealed they knew the time at which withdrawals were processed, it became clear why they had such an agenda to defend the withdrawers who he claims were “rescuing their funds”.
      With such snakes in the community we were doomed to failure. If not this time then another time. Indeed all four times we had to recover, we had our share of leavers. I guess we were just lucky they didnt make us blow it sooner. And make no mistake people like this are snakes, they threw us all under the bus to try to save their own pitful deposits. Were we in trouble yes, but we had a fighting chance till they all withdrew. Look at the cable now… Would have been back in the green. These traitors make me sick. More so the ones who falsely claim they were there till the last minute. Falsely!

      1. I’ll be totally honest, I lost $500 (£320 in UK currency). It’s a fair amount of money for me and no doubt I could have made use of it or taken my kids somewhere or bought them new toys etc.

        But I knew what I was doing, I knew the risks, I knew the rewards and more importantly, I knew that if it got lost I’d be a little upset but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

        By entering the PAMM I effectively made a deal with Mohammed that he would invest for two years or until it got blown. I had no intention of withdrawing no matter how bad the situation. I owed it to Mohammed and the community. Sadly, some of the community failed to see the bigger picture in their actions.

        I don’t blame Mohammed and I hold no bitterness. I know he played his hand as best he could. Sometimes other people hold an Ace or two and there’s nothing you can do about that. I would gladly do it all again if the issues of withdrawals and trust could be ironed out. eToro stats of 1200% returns in 6 months tells me all I need to know. That doesn’t happen by accident.

        Speaking of eToro, I had just over $50 left in my account. I know what they’ve done in the past, but with the withdrawal fees it wasn’t worth withdrawing it. I feel dirty for doing it, but I put on two trades, a GBPUSD short at 1.4217 and a USDJPY long at 111.92. I kind of did it on the spur of the moment without too much analysis. How do you think they’ll pan out?

        1. I believe cable will fall further. On JPY i am less confident as it depends on oil bot crashing further and equities continuing to perform. That said, i expect intervention by the BOJ in the cery near future vis further qe, rate cuts and direct intervention in the market.

          1. The USDJPY I should probably have put more thought into. The GBPUSD I can see dropping consistently until the EU referendum outcome in June.

          2. Sub 1.40 for Q2 2016 is the median forecast on the FXFC page on Bloomberg from all the major houses, with some calling for as low as 1.35. I think it will be 1.40 again next week. I hope it is, so all the ship jumpers see we would have had a balane of $500k and equity of $340k had they not betrayed us all. Sorry, just having a hard time forgiving them.

    2. Same here.
      I invested 1.25k in the beginning. When we had the fourth drawdown in the beginning of March, I doubled my deposit. Because that’s what you do during a drawdown.
      My equity was 5.7k before the account blow-up. Unfortunately, Mo guaranteed that a blow-up couldn’t happen (just two weekends ago if I am not mistaken). That’s the only thing I hold against him. Never be to confident with your investors.
      Personally, I am not sure that the withdrawals alone caused the blow-up. Thinking about it, we had 5 drawdowns in 3 months. In two years, that would have been 40 drawdowns. Statistically speaking, it would have been a miracle to survive all 40 drawdowns. No judgement, just some fruit for thought 😉
      Bottom line is, my eToro and HF deposits together amount to 8.5k. The goal was 20% a month, so that could have been 675k. I could have lived with an outcome of about 250k (15% a month). Would have advanced my life significantly. Instead, I have nothing. Well, I have gained a good life lesson: don’t believe in fairy tales, because they don’t exist 😉
      Sorry for the pessimistic message, I am terribly disappointed 🙁

      1. Two weeks ago when I said we would not blow up was when we had a drawdown which we did recover from, into massive profit. 50% on equity and 70% on balance to be exact.
        I also didnt factor in that many people would jump ship effectively making forcing the closure of our hedge. That was my mistake. I should have not taken everyone at their “we are all together” statements and assumed that many people would jump ship.
        If you went were at 5.7k equity from 2.5k deposits (1.25 x 2h, i think its safe to say that we were not doing too badly until this last disaster.
        As for being dissapointed. Nobody is more dissapointed than me. Weeks of my life and free time, 24k invested last week on a bloomberg terminal and 2 days later betrayed by a members of the group who just hours earlier were full of support and praise.
        As for drawdown, i maintain there is nothing wrong with being drawn down. You do not make money risk free and i am saddened that so many people forget this fact or fail to realise that the account was balanced UNTIL the hedge closed due to withdrawals and would be back in green now (compared with net deposits) and while we wouldnt have been at the 50% gain we were at earlier in the month we would have been above the 20% mark.
        I too gained a life lesson. Do not trust people at their word and realise that many people will knife you in the back the first chance they get. Because clearly this world is full of people who only are there when you are winning. But thats fine by me. Knowing this will mean I no longer spend any energy on those who truely are not worth it.

  3. I don’t know how old you all are! But as soon as you have learnt enough of ppl, Nobody should be surprised about all those liars. I came to know a lot of them in the last year… But as soon as you’ve realised this, You will no longer be so disappointed by the reactions of your “Friends” and you do have very little friends!
    That’s the real leider life!!!

  4. I had more than 1k invested with Mohammed and because of those people who jumped the ship now all what I have is less than $30. I’m not upset about the money (maybe a little), I’m upset about the people who did not care about all the others and started withdrawing leading us to what had happened.

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