1. I think its normal that people are more silent when things are getting against them. Also I think being silent is far better than people just hammering the signal provider.

    Im still here and looking forward to getting back to break even since then its far more fun 🙂

    Keep up the good work Mo!

    1. I wonder if there is some sort of hatrick system. Like if i go from massive drawdown to massive profit for a third time in 3 days do I get a match ball or something?

  2. Agreed – for me I’m just licking my own wounds – and extracting myself from that e-platform.

    Keep it Up Mo.

    But enjoy the travelling.

  3. Hi Mo, try not to stress it, you’re doing just fine and NFP today should give some action and hopefully some direction!

    I’m afraid I’ve been quite for a month or so with barely enough time to monitor and manage my own trades let alone anything else. (Hectic work schedule and 2 very young ones, leave precious little room for anything else)

    I have no concerns, and feel confident in your long term plan so please don’t take my silence as anything other than the fact I have absolutely no time just now.

    All the best

  4. I was thinking the same last night (it´s early morning here) but didn´t really know what to say as it´s less that 2 months before I even knew you existed.

    Of course I really appreciate your efforts, I can understand your feelings and also have a lot of faith in your actions. It´s great to get a glimpse of the good honest human being behind your kind of “trading guru” profile.

    Let me also humbly say, even if the timing sucks, that I´ve been using your fundamental analysis, which I think you are amazing at, with my own technicals but waiting for market inercia to reach certain levels, stop and turn (or breach certain levels in other cases) before entering my trades… and I´ve been doing really good. Right now for example you called a long on USDCHF, and I have a fibonacci from the aprox February 1st to 11th drop. Price has been bouncing between the 38.2, 50 and 61.8%, and is now between the 38.2 and 50%, and I will wait for the price to either touch the 38.2, or breach the 50 before going LONG. So you are kind of becoming a part of my strategy :), plus I´m learning a lot from your thoughts and reasoning.

    Chin up Mo! And again, thanks!

  5. NFP was good then 242,000 instead of 190,000 predicted, I went from -£92 on my accounts to only -£25ish and now -£110 in the space of an hour, I’m curious Mo but should I hold my trades (mostly go with the USD but trades seem to go against it, I’m still in profit though for the week)? I can’t copy with you because I’m using a different broker, and I read this blog regularly for guidance as I think you’re one of the best, keep up your good work and it is a shame I can’t follow you on HF.

  6. Hi Mo,

    I have genrally been silent in good and bad days.. commenting the first time …and I have been with you from first day at HF.

    I must say its lovely learning from you. However i really dont want to slide your focus from what you do. We all respect you and that is why we have faith in all the investemts we have done.. regardless if trades go with you or against you…most of us like me will respect you for what you have tought us..

  7. Dear Brother,


    don’t let the few bad days we had get you, the good days are yet to come. No one will do what you are doing for the community in terms of giving updates and sharing your thoughts. I’ve never seen someone honest and transparent like you before. You are up to all the difficulties we face and we all appreciate your doing. I know “Thank you” is not enough, but you have all of my trust and support and I think this is more decent than “thank you”. Continue what you are doing and we will follow you in good and bad.

    Enjoy your travelling.

    All the best

  8. Honestly, I was disappointed with the outcome of a certain platform. Lost quite some money and even though I told myself I could afford the loss, my stomach appears to digest it slower.
    The fact that a big account was blown up in a single day (we all know the circumstances, no blame on you) makes me lose confidence at times.

    So yesterday, those irrational feelings emerged again. And I think a lot of us are not accustomed to go from +7% to -25% in a matter of hours.
    Nonetheless, I believe in you and your fundamental analysis. The market is behaving irrationally and we had a lot of bad luck.
    That’s why I doubled my share on HF when we were down 😉

    1. The amazing thing about “that platform” is that are still people who blame me. Even after it emerged from their own support team that they had banned from from the trader. I guess those people need someone to balme and its easier to blame me than the real culprits. I think its idiotic that people still keep money with them after their confession. Its like giving a thief permission to rob you again.

  9. Hi Mo, when we have a bad day I am simply holding my breath and let you do what needs to be done. I find it hard to figure out exactly what your moves are on the HF platform, it lacks the nice graphics, so I better keep quiet. I am amazed that you find the time to trade while you are travelling. Thanks for everything and I will try to send more supportive messages on the bad days in future.

  10. Hello Mo,

    Firstly I want to say that it’s highly appriciated what you’re doing for us as a community. And I think it’s not all about the money. You give us a clear insight about how you think the market will act. As you give us food for thought and that’s also a big win by following you.

    But I think you can’t blame us if we do not post a comment if we have a big drawdawn. I doesn’t mean we don’t support you! I admit it was pretty breathtaking when I saw the drawdawn of yesterday. But at least we are not the kind of people that will be kicking rocks at you. I think the most of us will never be. After all we in this together and I can imagine that it would be nice to have some support on those bad days, our bad.

    But I am wondering why it is that when you open trades most off the time we don’t see them in our open trades. Is that because of the processing time or is it something else?

    Last but not least, if you are into movies I think I got a pretty good movietip which I think everybody should see that who is interested in the financial system. It’s called; The big short.

    Save travels and enjoy your working holiday! 😉

    1. Wilrik, nice one, but if you enjoyed this one then you should watch this documentary called “Inside Job” made in 2010, actually everyone should 😉

  11. Yes, maybe a lot of people are here for the money. but for some it’s not, For me, First time I ever came to know you, Mohammed, it was on that platform, I knew nothing about trading but from day 1 I was impressed by your status, but before that, I watched a lot of trading gurus wiping their accounts and those who are copying them, pretending to know it all while they know nothing. and others who were almost breakeven all the time. For me, at this moment, I won’t lie to you, Mohammed, it was about the money, but that was before starting to read your comments on that platform, and get to know you. as a new graduate with no job, I was working as a freelancer making some good money nothing big but enough. and started to think about investing, I needed the money but I was sure of one thing if someone is seeking the future, he should invest in the present. and I am just starting my life, better start now that later. At that moment, you introduced to us the community, and I was amazed, I started reading your posts day after day, and every time, my appreciation and respect for you gets bigger and bigger. and that day came when I had the minimum and I was ready to invest. it was all that I had at that time, but I said to myself, this is the man you respect and appreciate and wanted to start that journey with. what is life if we don’t take risks. If I lose that money, I lose that money. Money comes and goes, but what stays at the end is the relationships we make through our journey in life and our impact on their lives. Yes, we talk money here, but you, do care about everyone here and showed us that this community is more than just money. It is. Now, we have been through a lot together, you made it possible, and I am sure, we can make it through anything, together.
    Mohammed, With you in thick and thin, Wish you a good stay in Sweden and a nice safe trip back home, and as they say, work hard, play harder, Enjoy your stay in Sweden 😉

  12. Hi Mo

    I would just add that after all, even the behavior of a community obeys some kind of distribution function – like Gaussian: on one tail there are the silent ones and occasional commenters (myself included), then there is the group of “average” commenters and the other tail of highly active ones. Statistics prevail 🙂

    Kind regards

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