Seems they slipped up

So seems support replied to a support ticket from Liszen and while they denied blocking me access (which I was), they accidentally? admitted that they restricted my account from opening new positions. To “protect” copiers by preventing me from hedging.

After their latest addition lie to the story, why would you even trust these people with a single dollar?

Thats why people should never lie, eventually the pressure makes you slip up and make a mistake.


  1. Mo,

    Any chance you can email me? I want to direct you to what transpired with me also…It may or may not help but I’d like you to be aware.

  2. Mo,

    FYI, I received this reply after complaining about them threatening to close my trades. Looks like more lies which may help your\our case. ps. i have deleted names etc.

    Moran Zvick (eToro)
    Feb 11, 17:16
    Dear *****
    We are contacting you with an update regarding our attempts to resolve this issue.
    As mentioned before, we are continuing our efforts to establish connection with OHEMGEE. Much to our regret, and despite multiple attempts from our side, he has yet to respond.
    Please note that OHEMGEE has a negative balance in his account and should he not cover it in the next few hours, as we requested in our many attempts to communicate with him, his remaining trade will be closed by us (margin call). This will cause all copied positions to close as well.
    It’s important to emphasize that should OHEMGEE will decide to stop ignoring our attempts, and reply to us in order to settle his account balance, we will do our best to find a solution with him that will not involve closing this position. It is our utmost priority to resolve this matter in a way that would be most beneficial to him as well as to you, his copier.
    We understand that this occurrence is distressing. Please know that we are doing are best to resolve this matter. Once we have more information or have reached a satisfactory solution, we will be sure to contact you and make sure you are well informed of how we proceed.
    If you have specific questions regarding your account, please contact our customer service department or contact your account manager directly.
    Should you require further assistance or information, please reply to this message or chat live with us during our business hours.
    Best regards,
    eToro Customer Service Team.

  3. Looks like they didnt take my idea of transferring the trades to us so we can individually be in charge of our own destinies booooooo

    1. I dont, or didnt when iw as last able to log on. Another question would be why bring it up 5 days later if thats the reason for blocking my account? Why not say that in the firsts place.

  4. Hello Mo,
    I’m deeply disgusted about the practices of eToro towards you. I also received one warning about “high risk trader” and then about closing my positions. I’m planning to move some of my fund to HotForex and continue following you.

    Anyway, I was not able to register to your forum, will it be possible some time later?

    good luck and best regards

  5. Dear Mohammed,

    Mohammed, I think it’s possible for your account to be negative after checking the stoplosses of the trades in the “History” section of the platform.
    I did tweet about this matter in one of your Twitter posts just now, but not sure I had done it correctly or not, as I had only started using Twitter after reading that you will post more frequently on Twitter than on this forum, nevertheless I shall list down the stoploss rate of those trades for your reference here too :

    1. The BUY GBP/JPY, it was opened at 183.35, it got stoploss at 161.99 instead of your set stoploss at 162.

    2. The BUY USD/JPY, it was opened at 119.46, but it got stoploss at 112.97 instead of your set stoploss at 113.

    3. The BUY GBP/CHF, it was opened at 1.5091, but it got stoploss at 1.3999, instead of your set stoploss at 1.4000.

    So you see,all the 3 trades listed above were closed beyond the stoplosses set by you when you opened the trade,may be due to the volatility at that time.

    Thus to be fair with that platform, I think your account does have the possibility to be in negative balance.Because if I understand the way of trading in that platform correctly, all your remaining money are being locked in the last SELL EURUSD trade now. Thus your account in that platform will not have “extra money” to “compensate” the losses caused by the trades closed beyond the set stoplosses, as the rest of equity is now being locked to the SELL EURUSD open trade which is still running in red now.

    My copy account to you in that platform is still very much in positive balance, as I have been pumping more and more money to copy you in the hope of you would return and manage those deep-in-red trades…but I didn’t expect it would end up like this.

    Nevertheless, since the money is lost already for both of us, I would like to help you, in the little ways I can. Hence, please kindly let me know once you figure out how to attach screenshots to private message in the forum. Thanks. Take care.


    1. Hi Liszen, it seems on private messages we can not use attachments, only on forum posts. I will direct message you another way to send me the screenshot.
      With regards to balance, I had 1% unused balance before all this which would not be thrown into negative by 3 pips. Plain and simple, it is another untruth in their web of lies.

      1. Dear Mohammed,

        I have just sent the screenshots for your perusal, I hope it can serve some useful help for you.

        I see, then it is unlikely your account will be in negative balance in that case. Hmm….there are too many twists in this whole event…sigh. I have just checked my copy account to you, the last trade of SELL EUR/USD was closed too about 4 hours ago, at the rate of 1.1271. Apparently, they couldn’t care less about my complaint of their act of closing my trades without my consent is an unethical and unprofessional action.

        Take care, Mohammed. All the best to your trading at Hotforex!

        P/S: Is there a manual or guide on how to register an account and to copy you at Hotforex? I saw a link of “Join us at Hotforex” on your forum, but when I clicked on that link, I was brought to Hotforex site, with many types of accounts such as “Micro”, “Premium”, “VIP” etc to be chose from, which is quite confusing for me. Nevertheless, thanks for the ride on eToro, even though it ended disastrously, I had enjoyed the ride and learned some new experiences.


        1. Yeah,

          there is a guide, but basically what I did was:
          Open an account, get verified, ask support to open PAMM Account for me. When you have the PAMM account possibility you have first of all switch to FSC Regulation. But support will tell you how to do so, if you stumble on any difficulties

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