Self realisation

Did some thinking today and realised that its not my startegy that is wrong but its rather that im being stubborn with it at bad time.

Out of the last 48 trades, 46 were profitable and 2 are currently losers. Those are not bad ratios.

I guess my confidence has taken a hot because of all the negative comments im getting from people but today I remembered these were the same people saying I was wrong all of last year when I peaked at 2400% in November and had made hundreds of thousands of dollars for everyone. The same people who boew out and came back with new accounts becuase they had zero integrity or the people who earn 2% a month and think they are amazing. How could i expect them to understand? They dont have the mindset because in all honesty none of them made any real money. None of them ever went from a 1000 to a new car in a few months. 

So keep saying I am wrong and keep earning you 2% a month. You will never be 1% as profitbale as I was and thats why you prayed for me to fail and are savouring these though times for me. But i dont care anymore. In a while I will look back and this and laugh. The fundamentals are still on my side and in the Long run, they NEVER lose. So thanks for the jealousy haters, inspired me to do even better this year. So please go back to kicking your rocks. I have money to regain. Seven bad weeks is nothing in a lifetime.


  1. Peace Mo,

    Please do not talk and think about ppl or negative comments.
    Just focus on your analysis which are really good and your strategies/prediction are coherent with the economic indicator. I guess most of ppl are in read except maybe ppl who uses the black swan theory…
    Anyway, you should not reply to these ppl because it’s a waste of time and energy. After all, ppl talk…
    ^_^ happy sunday everybody !

  2. Hi Mo , I started copying you in December, I have no problem with marked going up an down, I dont get panic just because of some reds…
    My question is , how do you see our open positions at this point, what is your plan for the week to come , I know better times will come ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. With you on the way up. With you on the way down. Like others, I maintain my faith you.

    I got stopped out, re-copied and look forward to the recovery and beyond.

  4. Hi Mo,
    Still there. Now 10% to the copy stop loss, if the account crash Just wanna say sincerly thank you for all. You’re a nice person and it’ sur the most important.
    I already add 40% on the account, do you advice to add more and protect it?
    Safe Sunday bro,

  5. Morning Mo.

    I kind of have to agree with Ali above.

    Why do you trade?
    Why do you trade on eToro?
    Is it to make money and to perfect the “science” of your approach?
    Or is it to build a community and to pass on some good in the form of skills to a following.
    Does the fact that you made 2400% make you feel good?
    Or is it the fact that you did such a spectacular feat in front of an Audience of 8000 followers that gives you the feedback you need?

    What I’m getting at is this I guess:

    We know you can read the markets. We know you can make money consistently. We know you are honest, have integrity, and are open.

    But what upsets me is to see you affected by the negative posters and commenters. Community is a double-edged blade.

    I want you to enjoy your audience, but I want you to deal with the hecklers like a pro.

    Even responding to them with a post like the above is like Justin Bieber throwing down his mike in a tantrum and walking out of a show. Leaving the vast majority of fans disappointed and the few hecklers grinning.

    I don’t know how the pros handle hecklers. I have no answers. I don’t even know if trading, with all the pressures it has on its own, can even be successfully accomplished in front of an audience.

    We can ALL sing in the shower.
    Some of us an even carry a tune.
    A few of those can sing in front of a few family and friends.
    Even less of those can sing in front of a lot of people who want them to succeed.
    How many can hit the notes consistently when the tomatoes are flying?

    Anyway – in rambling summary, if I could ask anything of you for 2016 it’d be this.

    Don’t be a Bieber.
    Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing that their tomatoes even came close.
    Just do your thing.

    1. Jon, couldn’t agree more!

      Also a little Twain quote comes to my mind: “never argue with stupid, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”. Don’t get down to their level Mo.

    2. Very well said Jon.

      As much as i am a fan of Mo, there was something in this message that bothered me… and you said it quite well.

  6. This is the real Mo i was waiting for. Starting copy again. With less money but with same spirit. Lets try again. Rock and roll ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Jon and Juanmaprop nailed it.

    Ignore the haters Mo and keep confident in yourself.

    A lot of people admire you as a trader and as a person.

    Remember only that, block out the others and just do your thing.

    Nobody kan be right 100% of the time.

    I keep my faith in you!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  8. We are the music makers,
    we are the dreamers of dreams.
    Wandering by lone sea breakers,
    sitting by desolate streams.
    World losers, world foresakers,
    for whom the pale moon gleams.
    Yet we are the movers and shakers,
    of the World forever it seems.

    I still believe….

  9. Jon and Ali, and Juanmaprop, Great advice and positive perspective! I really feel this community will benefit from having such a mindset!

    Let’s all adopt this ya!?

  10. Hello Mo ,
    i have started copy you at december ,and as you know by this moment iam deep in red …..BUT FROM THE BEGINING TILL NOW I BELIEVE IN YOU.Do you know why-because with yout thoughts every day ,with your look on the market ,and the most important with your behavior in good and bad times , you proved me that you are a great person at first plase ,which is the most important for me .The second is your analisys which are 100 % realible .
    I am very satisfied from this post , and glad that you have motivation to “kick some ass ” .
    All your real comunity is behind you , just do what you doing ,and everything will be ok !

  11. That’s it Mo! You got it! Just Do Your thing – it’s right.
    2 bad trades out of 48 – wow that’s amasing
    The only thing that remaind to say is: Find a way not to loose a fortune as soon as a trade idea does not work. So cut it earlier and look for a nother chance.
    Please accept, that this is not a critisism, not at all. I do admire Your skill!!!
    Keep going man!!!

  12. Jon makes a very good point. I’m out for the time being – losses yes, but more than that I lost confidence with the weekly announcements of closing etoro. ‘This post will be my last’. ‘After these trades close I’m gone’ etc etc. Too destabilizing…. I absolutely have sympathy with you in terms of the abuse Mo and I dare say in your situation I would be exactly the same. But reading all the little spats is tiresome. Etoro seems hugely improved from that point of view since you stopped posting. Very best of luck with getting your strategy back up and running again. I hope things settle on all fronts and will be watching with interest, and a desire to join again.

  13. Hey Mo,

    Glad to see you come back in the fighting spirit. Again as a friend, the only thing i would say is as long as you have learned from this present situation, you and all of us can only get better with time. Out of all your followers, there is only a small % of spammers. For me, as much as i have got to know you… your legacy to this community and beyond is what you deeply care for. Keep the humble and helping outlook, and your true community would be with you every step you take. Love the way you accepted you mistake this time, and like your attitude of keep rocking going forward. You know what little tweaks you might want to do in your trading.

    One day, looking forward having a coffee with you around the table.


  14. In my opinion the problem was not on the trades, but on risk management.

    Even the smartest person in the world, will make at least 1 mistake in their life.

    If you are going all-in, it doesn’t matter if you get 46/48 trades right, or 999 out of 1000 – you are basically playing Russian roulette and it only takes 1 wrong trade to wipe the account.

    Alternatives? Not going all-in in every trade. Take loses to protect the account.

  15. It takes guts to put yourself in front of 8000 people , the pressure must have been huge, having your every move scrutinised , not many people could cope with that and we all react differently to pressure , I want you to continue on here as i know you will make my cash back within 6 months !

  16. the ride finish for me on friday ๐Ÿ™

    i Have $5 in my etoro acount…

    Sory for my, i cant put more money to try to have the return.

    I lost too much money on etoro, and i need the money for my bills, medicians for my daugther, and food formy kids.

    Thanks for make my dream for some days for something better, but the dream finish again. I need to dream for other thing..

    Thanks any way

    1. @Raquel, very sorry to hear about your loss. It is harder when you have bills to pay.

      I hope you can regain some of the lost money in some way and get back on track. Best of luck. I’m sure the community’s thoughts are with you.

      @Mo, it feels good to see that your confidence has returned. We are with you as a community and will be there for good.


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