1. Why would they do that?

    And would it be possible to put the google, facebook and Twitter logo on the right side? It is in front of your messages and replies. Very annoying.

  2. Good! This needs to be addressed. I’ve had the impression for a while now that they are more some sort of nicely packaged casino (the house always wins, right?) than a serious company.

  3. تحيات, Ohemgee. I was your copier in Etoro, but I left because stop loss. After it, when I tried copy You again, the site just doesn’t permit me copy You anymore. Despite about all loses in this season, I rely on You. I am curious about the block in Etoro. Maybe You have violated some item in the contract? What You think? Will I leave Etoro?

    1. I have been unable to log in sonce yesterday (3 hours before the crash). Perhaps they read that we are leaving for HF and dont want us to be able to take our funds at this point I do not know. They have replied to me that all is well and that they can not see any issues. That excuse may have worked on me lasts year, not going to fall for their excuse twice.

      1. Don’t know what the point of that was. Its not as if people can not remember. I guess when you make someone disappear, you have to take care of every detail….

  4. I saw the furore over on Twitter. Shocking if that is how etoro are operating (and not legal, surely). I always thought their customer service was laughable. Don’t get me started…
    Aaaaanyway. I have now uncopied and will withdraw funds today. Hoping to join HF but that won’t be immediate. Are you still planning to lock the acct there but give passwords out on request?

  5. Hi Mo,

    Have read twitter and the updates and can see that Etoro have a serious issue as they have not only risked your account but all of your copiers. I hit SL yesterday after following you through the issues from December and it would appear this is a major factor. Loosing $2,000 USD may not be the end of the world to them but loosing it in unethical practice is a joke. Please keep us updated as i would like to support you with your claims and ride the back of your claim as a copier. By attacking you, they have also attacked the rest of us.

    I personally will be closing my account by the end of the week and withdrawing all my funds. Once i manage to get hold of my money i will then start contacting them.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Jean it is worse than that. First comment was no reply. Then an email saying all is well and they cant see why I cannot access the account. Now that it looks like we may survive, they are claiming I have missed calls from them. I have this phone on me 24/7. Anyway I have zero faith. Doubt I will ever see any of my equity with them again. My trust is 100% lost. Will write about it after seeking legal advice later.

  6. I got stopped out too last night but strangled hadn’t hit the 95% stop loss. I still around 7% off that. I managed to get back on to copy Mo as his account is still active. But with only 500 dollars left I doubt it’ll make much difference.

  7. Mo, Im out. I copied you in December only, so didn’t get the advantage of the equity increase before. So i lost $2000 overnight.

    Ill be watching with interest.

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