Thanks to most of you, no thanks to some of you.

To the vast majority of you that show support, encouragement and patience. Thanks. Could not do it without you.
To the minority who make a lot of noise:

Hey Mo open trades. Hey Mo set sl in positive. Hey Mo up or down. Hey Mo why didnt you close yesterday when it was 0.5% green….
Read carefully. You entitled feeling individuals are actually counter productive. You are owed nothing and your opinions do not matter to me in the slightest as I did not ask for them. You are just sitting there making noise AFTER events. News flash. A two year old can give you an opinion about something AFTER it has happened. I am the one in charge here not you. So if you are going to be a backseat driver then do not copy. Your comments are not helpful. 

I have written down all these names of everyone who has been saying this over and over the last few days and will block them as soon as Etoro implements the feature. If it doesnt implement one soon, then I will simply move to another network. It is that simple.

The real icing on the cake is none of the rude people seem to be able to say “Thanks for quickly getting us out of this situation. You handled it well, reversing loses and keeping the account safe. Thanks for giving up your time.”

P.s. This is a good time for you to look in the mirror and examine your attitudes. Poor character is a major obstacle to actually achieving anything.


  1. Mo,

    I just want to reach out and say thank you for how you have managed the account when things have not exactly gone our way. I’m sure we all had some nervous times looking at it going the wrong way but you are the Captain and I can honestly say I trust you fully. With you at the helm I’m sure we will be into calmer waters soon! Once again thank you.

  2. Never doubted you once! I have nothing but confidence, faith and respect for you man! Ever since before I was able to even copy you and was waiting patiently for the opening. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thank you for choosing to help us on etoro, I know you have other platforms that you could use that would be much more beneficial to you, but you still choose to help us little fish out. You are a King among men!

  3. Hey Mo,
    usually I don’t write that much, but in this case, it is an obligation for me to show you my support.
    There have been times where I would have closed the kind of postions you had, but then I thought. Damn this guy is fundamentally right. Nobody could have foreseen, that OPEC would extend oil-production and other queer reactions of the market.
    So there is a german phrase saying ‘Does the moon care, if a dog barks at him’. Of course not. So keep ignoring that spammers, haters and I-know-everything-better guys and concentrate on your community. Don’t let them win and drive you away. We all know how much work you put into this, for FREE. Setting up a Website, not for promoting yourself, but as a place where we can exchange.
    So thank you for all of that and best regards


  4. Hi Mohammed,

    You’re doing a great job. The people bemoaning that a trade slipped from green to red are as much to blame themselves. They can override the trade at any point and close it in green. Greed makes them continue with the trade and when a profit slips away they are looking for a blame outlet.

    These same people are probably trading with money that they can’t really afford to lose which is why they react the way they do.

    The least any copier can do is have faith – If you think you made a mistake, stop copying gracefully cut your losses and move on. I’ve made a few copying mistakes in the past and blame nobody but myself for the losses.

  5. Mo, dont listen to this people. Their voice is nothing but strange noises coming out of stupid people.

    Keep up the good work. He who expects to win in every trade should google what trading is all about.

  6. Strangly my post didn’t appear on your wall:

    Here again:

    Thank you Mo for staying calm and mature, ignoring the trolls and alikes.
    Thank you Mo for I feel like a sailor on an infamous ship, you are the legendary captain and we just mastered a once in a lifetime storm.
    Thank you I deeply admire your work and focus on the community.
    I only copy your for 3 weeks, I cannot talk like the others about big profits 🙂

    But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

    Thank you again

  7. Hi mo over the week or so you the one thing I have learnt from you, and a valuable lesson too, Patients, you can’t but this! I have slowly slowly started to open some of my own trades myself and some are and some arnt paying off, most of I think you banged it on the head a few emails back that people are doing this with money they can’t afford, which is maybe why you some times get the trolls asking all the questions, when all they have to do is read your posts, you can’t have all green weeks, but the ratio between your months of green certainly ways out the one week of red. many thanks 🙂

  8. Hi Mohammed,

    I hope I’m not on that list (user jazzpablo). All I did was asked if you were still confident with the trades, given the new information that you said was leaked from the UK, but you appeared upset in the comment.

    I just wanna make sure I’m not in it that’s all. If I am, would love to clarify if need be, as I won’t be asking this kind of questions again,


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