The plot thickens

So it seems just like every quality drama, the criminal tries to cover up their theft as best they can. However in this case, the criminal must be notoriously incompetent as the lies they tell are exposing them more and more. Anyway these criminals have been reported to the police here now for Theft against a National (Financial fraud is taken VERY seriously here in Dubai), so the next time (if ever this company is in town), they will have to come to a station to discuss the matter. That is the beautiful thing about the police here, they take every matter into consideration and let people explain themselves and they do not let thieves get away with their crimes.

P.s. The above statement applies to some people who worked there, who were involved with this and whose names I have given to the police as well. If you were part of this scam, then you are as liable as your company. So even if any of them either visit or pass through Dubai on their way to Asia, they will find themselves having to explain what they did at the police station.

All to do to ensure this happens (its not as simple as just saying it happened) is give the police some more concrete proof of wrong doing. The thing here is that a said network gave me all the proof they needed and now thanks to the community here we have:

1.) Written corporate emails with ever changing stories.
2.) Written corporate emails that ADMIT sabotage of my account.
3.) A recorded phone conversation between a certain group and a copier based in the UK that ADMITS sabotage of my account.
4.) Witnesses based in the UAE who a certain group called and lied to and can confirm my statements.

In short, it may not be the action we wanted, but its better than nothing and at this point, I think it is all we can do. And I will be asking many of you for copies of emails etc to help me compile something to get back to them next week.

So at this point let me talk about this matter for the last time until we hear more from the police:

1.) You are the frauds and everyone knows it. Actions speak louder than words, and if people genuinely believed your allegations, they all would have withdrawn their copy funds from me on other platforms. They have not. Their trust shows it all.
2.) You can change the story on why you FORCED people to close their copies 100 times. The first story was ridiculous and so was the 100th.
3.) By accidentally admitting that you sabotaged my ability to hedge, you have just LOST everyone’s trust. How can any of these guys leave a single dollar with you, when you claim you protect them but deliberately engineered events that made them lose money?
4.) Hope you feel it was worth it. You could have admitted your mistakes and done the right thing. By playing crooked, things will now escalate.

P.s. This is only the beginning.


  1. Like they have said in their mail: they have closed the last open position. deep in red off course.

    I hope you get your money or is this not a problem?

  2. “We’ve been trying to contact OHEMGEE across different channels and have been unsuccessful in doing so. Copiers are our main priority and so when we are put in a position like this with a high-risk trader who is not communicating, we have to take action to disconnect the two.

    You can, in the meantime, close the positions yourself if you wish to, however, as no technical issue has occurred, there will be no compensation”

  3. Mo, can I ask you to hide my user ID on this post please? For reference, I don’t believe a word of the below, but this may help in your case against them.

    Reply from support to my ticket:
    “As opposed to what you may have heard, we are continuing our efforts to close the issue with OHEMGEE, but he continues to be unresponsive/reachable.

    During this time, we have looked into the matter and have decided to let OHEMGEE’s copiers keep their trades open and manage the copy relations as requested. However, please note that if OHEMGEE fails to cover the negative balance in his account (margin call) in the next few hours, our system will automatically close his remaining trade to cover the negative balance. Unfortunately, this will cause all copied positions to close as well.
    We have been working through multiple channels to try and establish contact with OHEMGEE. These channels include phone, mobile push notifications, emails and more. He has never once been denied access to his account, despite his best efforts to convince the community otherwise. These claims are simply not true. He can login to his account whenever he so chooses – the only limitation we have placed on it so far is stopping him from opening new trades in order to protect his copiers’ funds. As far as managing his existing positions – that was never deprived of him, not even for a minute.
    Should you require further assistance or information, please reply to this message or chat live with us during our business hours.

    Best regards,
    e**** Customer Service Team.”

    All our copy positions have now been closed, due to them hitting their SL.

  4. Right, the EURUSD never could hit SL because it was set at 1.14000 as I remember correctly. Funny how they change stories, funny how they post on your wall, funny that if they tried everything at all cost, they would have reached you here, or on twitter.

    This behavior just sickens me.

  5. Hey Mohammed,

    It pains me to hear how this story has turned so sour. While I truly hope you get the justice you deserve, please be careful not to let this case consume you.
    Best of luck!

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