1. Fully confident in you, Mo.

    Just a thought, though : you should keep the same cool you have in dealing with ups and downs of the FX market as in gracefully bearing with the f…..g trolls around.
    Take care and enjoy the holiday.

  2. Hi Mohammed,

    Since 3 months I am on eToro. I am not a trader I lack the skills and I do realize it πŸ™‚ I have build a virtual portfolio with the idea to start with a real portfolio from the first of January. I followed and copy quiet some investors. I started to look at different people to find the ones suited for the trading style I would like to copy. It takes some time, for a novice, to discover what “popular” “trending and “promising” really means. πŸ™‚
    I Copy you (virtual), out of 12 other traders, for 2 months, and I must say, you are the guy how threads his copiers is the most respectful way. Explaining what you do, why you do it. And for me most importantly you do not seek excuses if things do not go immediately as planned.
    But mostly I am amazed about people who copy traders without having a clue what they do! Aparently the only thing they see is a status and they expect the same profit every month, whit out questioning everything behind that particular
    I strongly belief that people who do not understand that trading has his up and downs, do not belong in this world. I find it VERY unrespectfull if when you copy a trader, to blame that trader for loosing your money, if you have not done you homework properly.

    Best regards

  3. Hey Mo! Thanks for everything. Today we seem to heading in the right way. Just one thing, are you really leaving etoro? Or was that just something you said in the heat of the moment? I know we are a lot of people here that will be really sad if you do.I was really looking forward to this 2-year compounding adventure.

  4. Did any one else get a call from etoro?? They called me to inform that Mo is trading in a very risky manner.

    I gave my reply to him (that I stand by my decision). anyone else had a call?

    Just to inform you all.

    Thanks for the update Mo!


  5. Thank you for all your effort so far Mo. It would be very sad to see you go, but it is your decision to make, whatever it is.

    It has been a good journey on eToro, although it was only the beginning for me. I look forward to becoming more active on the forum from next year so I can learn and improve my skills.

    Mazher, I got the same call as you did. Best to ignore it, I believe they are misled.


  6. All the way with you Mohammed, you move, I move….

    About getting the call from Etoro, I got that call before joining but I told them to give me access to copy Ohemgee or I will not deposit funds, then when Ohemgee reduced his risk and put his name and picture is when they allowed copiers to copy him.

    We will all succeed, In Sha Allah πŸ™‚ enjoy your holidays and switch off your mobile and chill out bro:)

  7. i dindt panic, i just whant to lost you, i just start to copy you in etoro, and this is my last change to reverse my long tryp since 2014 of losing money.
    You are my hope on the reverse of this trype, and finaly i start earn some money.
    Hope i can folow you to were you chose to go and copy you.

    Like how you care about your copiers, and how you put us informed about what is going on with the trades.

    Have a great christmas and a happy New Year.

    And whiching that 2016 will be a change for better in ours lifes, and the ones we love.

    Cheers for everyone

  8. Hi Mo you are one unike individual πŸ™‚

    I saw your comment higher up in the comment field that you might choose to stay on eToro if you could make your profile private, that would be AWESOME!

    Anyway if you are not able to do it I hope your plan with HotForex persist, Im following you there and will move my money from eToro over thereif you choose to leave for good.

    Great man, great results! Happy holliday once again πŸ˜€

  9. Hi Mo, Enjoy your holiday bro! We have a big confidence in you.

    I read your comment above about making your account private, I am still working on the 500 USD to deposit and start following you Live instead of virtually, I really hope we will still be able to copy you after that.

    If I won’t be able to copy you on etoro, then I won’t deposit in etoro (at least for the moment) and will follow you to HotForex and Choose you as a Fund Manager in PAMM account, and start the 2 years’ journey with you. By the way, I used your URL to sign up after reading your post about next year’s plans, and I was able to find you as a Fund Manager.

    As a novice, I want to understand something about this post. When you said “When they do, we effectively double the original account equity.” what does that mean? that means depositing more to the account? or double the located amount from the existing capital, so it will be like making the same trades but with twice the amount? or the profit will be 100% the traded amount so that means traded amount doubled?

    Thanks Mo for taking the time to keep us updated.

    Your Egyptian brother from Algeria,

  10. Anyone can help me manage so i can have the $500 to copy Ohemgee in HotForex?
    I can take out the money in etoro, but is less of $100. I trying to figure out what i can do so i dont lose this oportuniti

    Thanks everyone


  11. People, if you do not have $500 to deposit out of hand, you should NOT be trading, or copying traders. With all due respect, it usually are the people who invest money that they can’t afford to lose who are first in line to cry foul when things hit a rough patch like they are doing now. Spare us all the drama please.

    Happy holidays Mo. Despite the significant reds these days, my overall copy with you is still in profit, so i am not worried in the slightest, shows just how good the performance has been up to now..

    Got a call from etoro too ‘warning’ me that you were currently 50ish % drawdown. I basically replied ‘no shit sherlock’, and that i fully understand the risks. it’s fine i think etoro probably are obliged to show some sort of customer protection they dont hassle u about it too much.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence and I agree with your comments 100%. Tradingb is risky, the risk of losing everything is always a possibility at anytime. Nobody should ever trade with money if losing it would have bad consequences for them.

      As for Etoro, i think they are just trying to inform users of risks. I am ok with that. It actually means everybody has now been warned multiple times and is fully informed of risks.

      I remain confident that this bad month will pass and all shall be well and i wish you Happy holidays as well Steve.

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