1. I haven’t spoken since long as was really busy but yeah if you ever plan again to come back I would like to tag along. May be few ppl are just selfish but they forgot the time you have given and eventually even lost your own money. They should actually keep their money in bank rather than forex . And yea would like to thanks for everything 🙂 tk cr

  2. Cable is 1.41.75 at this moment those fools who lef our ship capitan Mo they shoul put thei head in dirt like ostriches Do!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Mohamed,

    I never commented before, but now seems the time. You clearly have a gift in trading, but it seems to me that this “community” is having a very adverse effect on your performance and I can imagine its very difficult emotionally as well. As other people already commented, I believe in you and I would tag along again if you decide to trade. But I would have one Condition: Keep your analysis posts (They are great and a pleasure to read) but pick a handful of investors (hopefully me as well) that commit their money for the long run (1 year at least), lock the account so others cant join and only alow people who are investors to comment on your posts. This way you wont have to deal with all this idiotic drama from people who expect you to turn their 100$ into 10 000$ in 2 weeks and you wont have the margin destroyed by short-term investors. And most importantly you wont waste your energy on dealing with these people.

    I hope you dont give this up.

    1. I second the previous commenter.
      Many flaws of the current system were uncovered. Being aware of them one can make efforts to mitigate them. I wrote down some of my ideas previously, what could make an improvement but others are coming up my mind even now as I write this…

      I see, you traded on HF today. Good. You are a real warrior.

      Mo, it’s a painfully huge failure now, but at the same time it is an invaluable experience. On the way of becoming a successful fund manager it is natural and absolutely necessary to go through many obstacles a failures.

      Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Every idea will remain only an idea if there isn’t a solid realization plan behind it. It’s like business. The majority fails, only the most persistent ones, who follow their project and adapt quickly to changes, do succeed. Your project is unique. And needs a new plan. An excellent one. If you would consider another chance. It’s up to you, but as I said, I accept whatever your choice will be.

      We have given to you our emails when making comments, you just have to ask for support, and we will do our best to support you. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

      But now take a good relax this weekend.

      Warm regards

      1. It would require trust in Mohammed at the end, but if the investment could be sourced through crowd funding, then he could put it into a trading account without the chance of withdrawal with the same percentage returned to each investor as they initially put forward, less a 10% fee for Mohammed.

        There’s probably reasons why it wouldn’t work, it’s just an idea that just came to me and I thought I’d write it down before I forgot.

        The bottom line is, people can’t be trusted to invest only what they can afford to lose – hence the scramble for some people to try and get their money withdrawn. If there was a way to take the option away and be left with only people who are in for the long haul a big fundamental reason for the outcome we got could have been avoided.

  4. As I previously stated, I’m also in. What happened will hopefully weed out the negativity and ship jumpers. It really is a great thing you started for those who believe, want to learn and are realistic. Let’s go ?

  5. Wonderful ideas. I would be on the ship without a rescue boat as well.

    I hope You still will have your appointment with HF on the 16th. Maybe they can show you a way it would work only for a comitted group.

    Have a nice and relaxing weekend, all!

  6. Some great suggestions from people who still believe in you Mo. What are the chances of continuing on HF and either locking the account from new investors and so only having people you have built trust up with. Or having the 1 or 2 year penalty for withdraws in place as other accounts have. I think you need a decent break from all this but we still believe in your trading and teaching. Apologies if you have fully decided to stop all social trading, its been great. Take care.

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