Thoughts for Monday 23rd November 2015

So far, its been a good day for our trades, the account is up about 7% overall at the time of writing this, which is not bad for a days work. I expect it to go up further as I am confident the USDJPY trade will turn around and head into the green. Unfortunately, the AUDUSD sell did not trigger, as our entry point was not hit, however I was happy for those of you who opened sells anyway and profited. Was very nice to see so many of you taking initiative, using what you learned and doing your own trading. It was even nicer to see those trades end in the green.

For now, the situation is to hold the fort and let the fundamental data continue to support our existing trades and to look for new trades that have value to them. I aim to close the cable sells shortly, as I will be very busy this evening and tomorrow and just will not have time to watch them and I think I owe it to my copiers to bank lock in the profit.

On a side note, I will be posting a lot less on Etoro now. I just can not manage it. I log in to a wall of spam everyday from random people (which I have no way to block) and that makes it impossible for me to actually find messages or comments from those of you who are genuine. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to go through it all looking for messages that are genuine. Also the lazy questions which would be answered by just reading my wall for 5 mins are starting to annoy me. I am sorry and hope you all understand.

Hope you all had a great day,



  1. Totally agree that we should use the forum for all questions so as we can always go back if we missed something or need clarification. Also this can be helpful for the newly joined copiers.

    Awesome job, well done…

  2. Excellent work bro. After reading your trade ideas, I had also placed an AUDUSD sell order but it did not trigger unfortunately. Will keep following your trade ideas and hopefully get my millions and yacht I so thoroughly deserve haha.

  3. Hi Mo,

    I had done some manual USDGBP trades and missed your exit.

    No I look at it and things don’t look so good.

    Looking at the week from a fundamental point of view, it seems all the news coming out is American and expected positive. You think I should sit tight and wait for them to go green again?


          1. I missed it. Wanted 1.5190-1.5210. This is a dollar strength week. Figured I could Take profit twice. Oh well. Maybe AUDUSD will retrace a bit and give me an entry.

  4. Thanks for an amazing morning my friend. 7% gain in half a day’s work almost beggars belief. That + some great timing on ongoing EUR/USD sells and a USD/CAD buy I had going (closed just before the Saudi comments dropped it down) makes me almost 15% up overall today!
    I also missed the GBP/USD exit on a manual one I had going, but kept it on (despite a very itchy ‘close’ finger as I saw the new home sales data come in) but by now it’s pretty much made everything back, I see how Mo could have taken profits twice on that! AUDUSD has been anemic today, moving in like a 10 pip range it seems. Pondering whether it’s a good time to re-buy USDJPY as it’s retraced quite nicely.

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