Tide turns?

As of writting this, we have reversed the unrealised losses of Janaury (38% loss) into a gain in equity by 6% this month. In short, we are Substantially better off today than we were 3 weeks ago. 

While there is still a lot more work to do, this turning of a losing month into one with a modest gain is encouraging. We can effectively say that we have made a start to recovering from the damage done in December. Let us hope our fundamental views prove their endurance once again.

Maybe this year does not have to start so badly for us afterall,



    1. I mean look at this snake. I remember when you used to blast my wall with compliments and try to get people to notice you with all your talk about morals etc. Everyone will also remember that you used to simply copy 95% of my trades in an attempt to make it look like you had a basic fundamental analysis. You didnt fool anyone.

      Then when things went wrong in December you started back bitting me trying to capitalise on the negativity against me etc. You failed to gather the recognition you wanted. Now you change your tune again after your Janury goes to crap and I recover. If you want recognition how about being an honest and original person who stands by his viewpoints. nobody copies an inconsistent copycat. You just proved it with your actions. Do not post here again please. You are not welcome here.

      1. Wow… just wow… Please take your negativity back to Etoro. This is a good place with solid people here and we’d like to keep it that way.

    1. Well 1.) you chose to copy. 2.) you were told already weeks before the plan you could have left at any time. 3.) you think im happy about losing lots of money? I lost over 300,000 dollars of my own money in the last 6 weeks. How much did you lose? If you had a better plan, you should have left and used it. You had weeks to do so. But no its easier to come here and make unconstructive comments because your free meal ticket did not work out? But sure all my fault right? People thought my 2000% returns came with no risk despite constant warnings. How do you handle guys like this?

    2. Maybe it would be more respectable to simply have dissapeared or tried to hide behind new accounts like all those fools on Etoro? Instead one does the honorable thing of admitting mistakes and trying to make things right and they get attitude for trying to do the right thing.

  1. hi Mo,

    I am sure there’s a rainbow after the rain, we only needed some patience.
    I am glad I am still your copier and follower. Keep up the good work, Mo!

  2. People who lost an amount of money obviously didn’t have the money to lose so shouldn’t of even been on etoro following you anyway!! DONT TRADE IF YOU CANT AFFORD TO LOSE THE MONEY!!!
    I for one am very grateful for everything you do you don’t have to do it for other people I made two extra deposits to make sure I didn’t get stopped out and I’m glad I did as its all worked out well so thanks once again for all your hard work I really do appreciate it x
    No returns without risks in trading as we’ve seen when the markets went haywire!!!

  3. Everybody probably lost a big chunck, it’s the way you deal with it.
    Hopefully they’ve learned one thing, which is, don’t lose money you can’t afford to lose.
    Haters will hate, so screw them !

    Keep up the good work Mo, there are a lot of people enjoying the ride and learning a lot from it, in good and bad times.

  4. Hello Mohammed is there anyway you can stay on etoro ? I have few amount left (400$)after sl was hit : (. The problem is the left amount is bonus money I can’t withdraw and guess what I doubled it copying you manually(800$) lol . I didn’t copy directly again as the % return will be less. I am with you on HF but I can’t see your open trades only closed trades :/ and even they don’t have an mobile app where I can keep a track of your trades . As personally I dono what to do with the 800$ when you leave etoro. Trading my self will be equal to gambling lol. Have a good day šŸ™‚

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