Update: 11th December 2016 – Survey now working

So as promised, I am posting to announce that the survey is now working properly. Please take 60 seconds to fill out the survey regarding January’s MAM social trading account. This is critical information that I need to know before I go to the negotiation table. In addition if you completed the old survey before the issues began, then I am afraid it needs to be done again on the new survey. I know its annoying, but there is really nothing I can do about it and it will only take about 60 seconds. You can find the survey below or by clicking the “MAM 2017 Survey” link at the top of the blog. Thank you.

P.s. From the 12 responses received so far, the response has been far better than I expected and already puts us in what I believe is a strong position with an account already nearing the 6 figure mark. I will give an update at tonight’s webinar (8pm UAE time) where I will go into further detail about how we intend to move forward and what I feel are the realistic timelines. I am really looking forward to 2017!





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