Update 12th November 2015

So as planned I executed the two trade ideas that I had in mind today, that many of you would have seen in the private section of my forum. I’m happy to report to you that both of these trade went as planned.

The first trade as many of you know was to try and capitalise on Australian employment data. From my own estimates, I expected the data to beat forecasts but I did not expect it to beat it by such a significant margin. Regardless, this worked in our favour and was able to close the trade in profit. In fact to be totally honest, I didn’t even have to close the trade. It hit its take profit point in the early hours of the morning while I was still asleep.

The second trade was to take advantage of the US dollar strength and to capitalise on its possible gains against the Swiss franc. This worked as planned and I was able to close the trade manually just before it encountered strong resistance and reversed. I’m actually particularly proud of how my combination of technical and fundamental analysis combined and worked together in perfect unison to ensure maximum profit from this individual trade. It is really really nice when you plan something like this and you see it work right in front of your eyes.

For those of you that are curious, this represents 22 consecutive green trades in a row which is quite a remarkable streak when you consider that my trades are closed in short periods. They aren’t held for months on end.

Assuming a 50:50 chance of a trade going good or bad if left to luck, the odds of this are 0.5^22 = 0.00000024 or 1 in 4.2 million. So I guess we can say that I am very lucky 🙂

I’ve also reached the conclusion that while I might feel bad for not replying to every post I get on open book, I also have my right to respect and dignity and therefore also entitled to choose who I address and who I answer to. In short if you send me a message saying “hello hope you have a nice day”, you are very likely to get a polite reply back. If you send me silly messages saying “up or down”, then you are likely to not only be ignored but also marked as spam. I literally get hundreds of messages every day and because 90% of them are all what I would consider junk mail, it makes it almost impossible to sort through and read the genuine questions and comments from people that I want to talk to. It’s getting annoying.

In addition there are many parasites trying to capitalise on the community that is following me by posting trade ideas on my wall and acting in a familiar way as if we are colleagues or buddies. I wish to make it clear that I’m not familiar with these people and I do not endorse their trades and it actually annoys me that they have the rudeness or audacity to use my wall to spam their own activities. Please do not be deceived by these people. They have no association with me and if you decide to copy them take their advice, then you do so at your own risk. Just always please bear in mind one thing, that if a person is successful then the results will speak and he doesn’t need to resort to spamming.

Have opened one last trade for the day, which I have confidence in and hope will take advantage of trade idea 1, posted on the forum. Hopefully we will see the benefits of this action tomorrow evening. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


  1. Hi Mo,

    Thanks for the green trade again and maybe it is not luck, but good strategy and good reading the Forex market 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Mo,
    Allow me to call you mo , it likes more frendily , is a way that friends treat each other. I know that eToro is a trading platform , and I thank you for advice us about the dangerous traders there. However every new post that I read here, it becomes more clear to me that you are a very kind person . I think of you how Older brother taught the brothers Youngest how to walk, thanks. I also thank you for allowing us copy your negotiations and open your heart to us. Have a good night and sweet dreams my friend. Your Brazilian friend Marcos (marcos1043 @ etoro)

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