Update: 13 January 2017 – How to get in contact?

Do not worry, this will not be a post about Friday the 13th….

Since the members plugin got fixed with the latest plugin update, I have had several comments left from people who have trouble remembering their account details and who did not know how to get in touch except through blog comments. I can understand this fully. Contact details were posted on this site ages ago and it is very easy to lose them amid the hundreds of posts, videos etc since then. Therefore in order to refresh everyone’s address books, for any issues with the site, questions for webinars or requests, I can be reached by anyone through any of the following ways:

Email: Mohammed at (replace at with @)

Whatsapp: +971521682001


The new community Facebook page:

Alternatively you can leave comments after blog posts, which I keep private however this makes it harder to respond privately as such comments become public if I post a response.

Now that we have ironed out this issue, everyone get back to having a great weekend and see you all Sunday,


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