Update: 14 February 2017 – Post Yellen

So it seems that our last trade worked and was sufficient to take the account from a 12% loss to 1.5% gain. I know its annoying that if we had wider SL’s by just a few more pips then the 4 losing trades would have given us a 46% gain rather than a 18% loss. But please consider the following. If those SL’s were not there and our predictions were wrong, it could easily have been a much greater loss. Bad luck is annoying but sometimes we have to deal with it and roll with the market punches. Much better to slowly gain and wait patiently for a big chance rather than to risk. Today was not our day, but our account is still healthy and still in profit (although a tiny one). Our day will come. Hopefully many days will come. Lets just avoid doing anything that prevents us from being around when it does.

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