Update: 16 November 2016 Trade update @ 15:32 PM

The following changes have been implemented on existing trades.

50 Lots EURCHF long @ 1.0720. Moved SL from 1.0680 to 1.0720. TP remains 1.09

Current profit:$16073.60 @ 1.07520

Possible loss if trade SLs: $0.00

Possible gain if trade TPs: $96,265.60

We have also executed the following trade

50 Lots AUDUSD short @ 0.75452. TP at 0.74 SL moved to 0.7545

Current profit:$33,950.00 @ 0.74770

Possible loss if trade SLs: $0

Possible gain if trade TPs: $72,600.00

Total Current Profit: $50,023.60


  1. Hi Mo,

    Hope all is well. I’ve started receiving these emails again today which is strange since I cant get into the website.

    I tried to register my interest (I was an original forum member/supporter/PAMM member) but when the first PAMM attempt blew up and you went Private I somehow got left behind.

    How can I get back into the Circle of Trust? 🙂

    Jon Kutassy aka Nomad Trading

    1. Now this is a name I haven’t seen in a while. Its good to hear from you and hope you are well.
      I’m surprised emails went out since the host disabled the function I believe and I usually only email everyone at Christmas, Ramadan etc. Maybe they changed their settings. Let me make sure your email is granted access.



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