Update: 18 November 2016 – Stopped on Audusd

So Audusd sell  stopped on us at 0.7401 on a pullback. This nets a profit of $72,550 for that trade. With a five figure profit for the week we are cancelling the pending buy limit for eurchf and stepping back from the market until next week.

Wish you all an excellent weekend and see you all at Sundays outlook webinar.


  1. Hi OHEMGEE. Which trading forum are you now using? I followed you on ETORO but my account blew and then I wasn’t able to copy you again, I don’t know why. I really enjoyed your blog and copying you.

    1. Hi Kate. Not doing any social trading at the moment and not looking to do so until 2017 when I feel more prepared. Thanks for the memories. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and webinars.

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