Update: 18th December 2015

I did not want to have to post until after  my holiday, but due to the significance of this mornings events, their is little choice in the matter. The BOJ has shocked all the markets by boosting stimulus much earlier than expected, and the divergence between the USD and JPY has started months earlier than expected. This is good for us.

You are probably asking why the USDJPY etc are down from yesterday at the moment if this is good? Well I have a few ideas that i think are valid:

1.) Tight liquidity in December and Institutions hitting their TP. After the announcement, the USDJPY jumped to 123.52 and the GBPJPY jumped to 183.88. I think a lot of the US and European institutional investors would have hit their TPs at this point.

2.) Falling oil prices.

3.) Further profit taking on the USD as we come on the end of the week.

I think the current fall is nothing to worry about and will be VERY short lived as fundamentally the BOJ has losened monetary policy while the FED is tightening and the BOE is holding. As a result, I am extending out TP on the GBPJPY from 188 to 190, as I feel we may now gain more on this trade then envisioned.

It will also be interesting to see what happens when OIL expires today.

Back to packing,



  1. Hi Mo!

    Again a nice and clear post! Now definitely want to copy you. What do you recommend me to minimum copy you with and what CSL should I use? Do you also recommend to copy your open traders as well?

    Cannot wait to start!

  2. Thanks Mo. Quite a week! All the best for your travels, and thank you once again for bringing this community together. I may moan about etoro but it is how I found you and for that I am hugely grateful. Looking forward to 2016.

  3. Its been a turbulent month but we are all still here and ready to profit next year !!

    Have a good break man !


  4. Thanks Mo,
    I got shocked this morning when I checked the account, but after your clear explanation, I´m fine and confidente, because I trust you.
    Thanks Mo for all, you are amazing.
    Have a deserved relax.

  5. Great as usual Mo .. just one question .. what do you think of the GBPCHF trading at this point.. ?

    all the way with you Mo 🙂

  6. Thank you for everything Mo.

    We are very lucky to be part of this community and May God fulfill all your dreams

    Enjoy a safe & fun holiday bro!

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