Update: 18th Feb 2016

Strange day today. Equities in Asia and Europe did very well and Oil is up over 3% (at time of writting), yet the market still is buying haven assets (gold and jpy). I do not understand it. On a positive, employment data showed the US is healthy today, and supports a firming labor market, the latest in a string of data. However, US equities are performing poorly.

Trading wise: We are down today this far. Our overall closed trades are slightly profitable while our unrealised net losses are about $5,000.

Where we made money:

Selling EURGBP, Selling Cable, Selling AUDUSD.

We lost money selling gold (cut 2 of our 6 lots in case it gets out of hand).

We have significant unrealised losses in Gold sells and USDJPY buys. I do not understand why these did not work today.

Next move:

If oil report is poor, will cut JPY positions as the market will panic. Better a net loss of a few thousand than losing 80,000 being caught in market panic.

Will post a more detailed update tomorrow when I have the day off work,



SLs for USDJPY buys is at 113.40. Going to keep them tight, while im not sure.


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