Update: 19th January 2017 – Some FAQs

I have gotten dozens of emails about the following, so instead of writing so many responses, I feel it is best to answer the questions here. That way, I can give everyone who asked the answer they are entitled to without taking hours to write individual mails. I am not trying to say my time is too valuable, but let us be fair, what is the benefit in answering something to many times, when I can clarify it just once 🙂

1.) What I expect in a typical week:

I can not make a promise of a guarantee of typical returns, nobody can read the future. That said you have all read my intentions in terms of risk management this time. Stops of no more than 45-47 pips per trade with targets of two big figures as a TP. With this strategy, I intend to make 3 trades in the average week. Below will give you some insight into what the different outcomes could be in such a week. Of course note that setting stops in the green when given the chance changes things significantly. However its important to consider the WORST case and BEST case scenarios to understand what can happen:

TP of 200 pips

 W = Successful Trade
SL of 45 pips  L = Unsuccessful Trade

Trade 1

Trade 2 Trade 3

% Equity at end of week compared with start of week

Worst Case

L L L 87%


L W 109%



L L 109%


W W 138%




Best Case W W W




2.) Concerning leverage in the individual MAM accounts:

Your MAM accounts are SLAVE accounts (N.B.  this is the terminology the system uses and not me being rude). They are classified as under the command of the manager’s (mine) MASTER account. As such I have control over their trades etc. The leverage you see next to your account is irrelevant, it means nothing in the scheme of things. There is no need to worry about it.


3.) Concerning the minimum requirement to copy:

There is not one. Each account shares the % of each trade to reflect their % of overall ownership in the account. E.g. In an account worth $300k, if your equity is $300 then you own 0.1% of the account. This means if we do a 10 lot trade, you will be allocated 1% of this or 0.01 lots. To put things into context, the funds size is literally TITANIC this time, eclipsing the last fund (with still more pledges yet to come on board). As such there is a wide among the current SLAVE accounts with some accounts having only a few hundred to some accounts having 5 figure equity numbers and one exceptional case of a 6 figure amount. So once again there is not a minimum. The best answer to those who want recommendations on how much to invest is to invest only what you are comfortable with doing so. It is your hard earned money and your desicion at the end of the day. Nobody but you has a right to tell you what to do.


4.) When do you intend to start:

The week commencing Monday 23rd January 2017 ( as shown in the countdown on this blog), the community will commence regular operations in the market.

Right got a meeting to run to. See you all at tonight’s webinar.

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