Update: 1st December @ 12pm

First of all let me start by saying I can’t believe we are already in December. The last three months have flown by.

Secondly a confession. Seems we missed the $100,000 profit mark by more than I expected these last two weeks. When I posed yesterday after eurchf sl’d in green, i had written that we were close to that mark. However looking at the trading ledger in full detail this afternoon, i see i was mistaken. 

So what is the true number? With all trades closed, fees paid etc. The overall gain of our piblically shared trades since the 15th November 2016 stands at $87,585.33 Profit. So yes not a big miss but I wanted to clarify the truth.

Anyway Im going to Madrid for the long national day weekend to finalize some terms with the big guy. Therefore, the blog will be idle until after work on Sunday. I wish all of you a good weekend and please wish me luck. I would love to give you all good news when I get back.

For now make a note in your diaries. 9th Jan 2017. It begins.

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