Update: 1st March 2016

Feeling very ill today so this will have to be short, I am sorry:

Chinese Caixin PMI was weak, the lowest reading thus far in 2016 but the markets seemed to shrug it off. Oil rallied, equities rallied and the NZD and AUD rallied. Now this says to me one of two things:

1.) The market is totally irrational as a firmer reading of this in January literally caused trillions to be wiped of markets or…
2.) The market was persuaded by last week’s US data, that all is well in the world and their panic has been overdone.

We will discuss this when I am feeling better.

Over the course of the day keep an eye out for the manufacturing ISM PMI. I feel it may be better than expected as the 30,000 jobs added to manufacturing in the last 2 months may have started to have an impact. Just do not be surprised if it isn’t as soft as many think.

HF trades:

We had 4 trades this morning which we all closed. One loser, three winners. We gained just over 2%, taking out overall gain this week to around 4.7%.

CFD and IQ Option trades:

Didn’t do any. Maybe when I am better.

Back to bed now,



  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    Thx voor the daily updates, been very helpful.

    Made a lot of green trades over the past few weeks based on your fundamentals! With your insights, it feels like taking candy from a baby 😉

  2. Hey Mo,

    Feeling lousy as well today, so commiserations and hope we get better soon!

    Thanks for the insights as always.
    It is weird how markets can act so irrationally, putting major squeezes in. Look at EURUSD during February. Spiked up majorly (on the back of poor manufacturing PMI lol), but ended the month still lower as when it started as it all came back crashing down with other good us data.. ficke beast..

    take care

  3. Hope you are feeling better Mo!
    I joined you yesterday on HF and already up 3.2%.
    Also, your daily thoughts are really helping my daily trading.

    Just thought you´d feel better by knowing we really appreciate your efforts!

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