Update: 22 November 2016 Some Changes 10:30 AM

First a few words about trading. The 50 lot EURCHF long is now risk free, with the SL at 1.0702. AT present it sits $11,887.32 in profit and the TP has been changed to 1.0910 to aim for $103,023.44 in profit.

We are playing it carefully with regards to new trades this week due to tight liquidity and US Thanksgiving. However AUD and NZD look tempting to sell and we may consider selling on rallies if opportunity presents itself. Of course we will update as required.

A few things people have been asking about that we we want to publicly clarify:

1.) Yes, we changed the WordPress theme of the blog. After a year of the same theme, it was time for a change.

2.) I am aware that the members function is no longer working and all posts of the last few days have been public. That is fine. Its not as if we have anything to hide in any case, so if the plugin gets fixed it does. If it doesn’t, I guess all webinars etc will be public in future. Either way we move forward.

3.) Will be splitting the whatsapp group into two, or rather making a new chat this weekend. The present one will remain as the social one where we all chat. The other one I’m hoping to keep as a muted chat room where we will post only the trades/options etc as we do them. I think this is a better way to keep organised and is faster than me having to update a blog and easier for people to find out on the go. Of course, as with everything its free and all are invited. Hopefully it will be done on Sunday.

4.) The Live webinar page has been changed with a new schedule due to other commitments this week.


  1. Morning Mo.
    Am I allowed access to the whatsapp group?
    My WordPress account is still pending, despite (or perhaps because of) my witty comments.
    All the best


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