Update 25th January 2016

Concerns will be raised over the health of Japan after exports declined greater yhan expected dragged down by a strong Yen. Declining inports will also help raise concerns over growth in the Japanese economy which is one of the only developed economies in the world to have officially been in recession in 2015. With Kuroda failing to achieve any of his targets expect dellusions to end and more action from the BOJ on the 29th.

Oil has also fallen a bit due to Iraq announcing that its production has reached record levels adding concerns to oversupply of the market. I expect oil to fall more this week as markets panic.


Entered a new usdcad buy to try and exploit any softness in oil pices this week. No other new positions taken.

HF: got stopped on a USDCAD in green earlier. Have entered a second long.

Get long on usdjpy if it goes into 117s. Jpy is likely to weaken at the end of the week due to either:

1.) more boj stimulus.

2.) people having to cover the net longs on jpy to reduce exposure before the meeting.




  1. Cheers for the update , ive read that Gbp/jpy will start to rise and continue to over 1000 pips , which would be nice, got my buys on now !!

    1. Knowing him the complete opposite of what he said the previous week. This is the man who once said he would raise when unemployment went below 7% or who said in August 2015, the time for an increase in rates is fast approaching. Do a google search for “Mark Carney Credbility” and read some of the results. It will become apparent that he just wants to make headlines. Doesnt care for consistency or reality.

  2. Hi Mo, thanks for the update as always. Why did you close the usdcad so soon? You don’t think the trend will continue during the week?

    1. It hit stop loss. I dont have time to watch trades that much while in Europe so if given the chance, i set the Sls to green just in case. Unfortunately in this case, a pullback took us out. Luckily at no loss.

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  4. Hey Mo, thank you for the update. I am very curious how the markets will develop in the next few months. In china the word for crisis consists of two symbols meaning “danger” and “chance”. Let´s go for the chance! =)

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