Update 25th November 2015

Its been a very long day, so I will try to keep this short and to the point.

On the trade side:

US data was solid as expected. Durable Goods far surpassed expectations, employment was solid and home sales were strong. The fundamentals still support our positions, so I see no reason to change them.

The account has improved since yesterday and is now technically in green for the week, although the last two days have not been profitable and our three open trades have yet to yield results. The trades have really suffered from some unforeseen circumstances:

JPY: Strengthened by Market Risk aversion due to Turkey (A NATO member) shooting down a Russian plane. Nobody could have seen this coming.

AUD: Tight liquidity means that the 70 Bn approved merger of Shell and BG has strengthened the AUD.

Anyway I see these circumstances as temporary (I especially hope the first one does not escalate), and have confidence in the trades. (Hope these are not the ones that ruin our 27 profitable streak).

Our USDCAD buy did not trigger (we missed it by 4 pips) and the order has now been cancelled.

On the social side:

My forum got spammed today like no tomorrow. Luckily the mods cleared the damage. Thanks guys.

trjackson launched a chat room for the forum people. (It was great to chat with you all today!).

I will be posting less on Etoro now (you may have noticed this today). Sick of all the spam, sick of all the nonsense so I am choosing to not deal with it. If you message me on Etoro, chances are you will not get a reply. So please accept my apologies in advance.

Hope you all have had a good day,



  1. HI Mo

    Great to be kept informed , dont blame you for not wanting to sift a mountain of of posts on etoro i would nether have the time or patience !

    Please keep up the good work !

    thanks Rich

  2. Hi Mo you right as ever. You have done a great work for us, don´t let these people disturb. I and the othres don´t mind if you don´t reply, we understant why.
    Keep drive us in this war named forex.
    See you.

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