Update: 26 jan 2016

Sorry for the brevity doing this on a mobile. Not much to say today but had a few good trades that closed in profit. Seems all our new etoro trades in 2016 (12 of them) have not been afflicted by the curse we suffered in December 2015, so I guess I still have my touch.

Our two legacy headaches from 2015 are looking much better though. Having gained 700 pips and 400 pips in the last week respectively. So overall I am optimistic.

Please be careful tomorrow. Fed and rbnz have meetings. Fed will hold and might be dovish paying attention to slower than expected manufacturing, oil prices and China. Rbnz will hold as well but be dovish on their outlook so nzd should fall (especialy after inflation was cut). Would love to tip you on a nzd pair to trade but not got my tools with me on the road. Maybe some of the foundation grads can leave some comments please?

With regards to the naysayers on etoro. Take what they say in relation to their background. Guys with only one month of green, spam patterns and multiple blown accounts were bound to be right eventually. It doesnt make the children experts. The world is not in recession. Gdp is growing. Employment is growing.




  1. Hello Mo. Really great to hear things are looking up, still with you on HF, I find it a tad hard to track your trades there but as long as it’s green, it’s fine by me :). I would greatly like that when you get some more time on your hands, you dive deep into the fundamentals again for us to keep learning, but I understand, you already put a lot of effort in this so no worries!
    Could indeed be very profitable to be selling NZD tonight into tomorrow, especially with today’s little commodities revival this could make some nice entry points on the NZD. I wouldn’t trade it against USD as that is probably going to be crazy volatile tomorrow with both CBs publishing rate decisions. AUDNZD looks interesting as it seems poised for a breakout, being stuck between 1.0770 and 1.0800 for a few days now. The CPI data from OZ due overnight could just tip this into the right direction and have it breakout as uncertainty over NZD rate decision in the evning will build. Another good, less volatile play (AUD still very risky untill commodities stabilize) would be NZDCHF sell. Should be shielded from some volatility on the CHF side, and CHF has been quite weak today, providing a decent entry point to sell NZD which has moved up 170 pips vs CHF today and quite likely to trace all the way back. Good luck all and keep pushing Mo!

    1. The stats are misleading. While we currently sit wiped out jans losses and are 6% green this month, we need to 9 times more to make up for December. We have a lot of work to do but we are going to try our best.

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