Update: 3rd January 2016

Early retirement: So I decided to run away with all of the depositors money to a private island in the Caribbean and spend the rest of my life drinking coconut water on the beach. However customs stopped me at the border and I had to put this plan on pause… For now….

On a serious note now, first of all let me wish all of you a happy new year and say that I sincerely hope that everything you all wish for yourselves in 2016 comes to pass and you all have a great year. Secondly, let me thank all of you who have stood by me and that never doubted my integrity during this last 4 difficult weeks. I would also like to thank Ben Levine from Etoro for confirming that the claims by a certain two people (we all know who they are), that I had been earning from everyone’s losses and collecting payments for months were falsehoods and thank the hundreds of you who stood by me and trusted my integrity until these vile accusations were proven to be false, your trust means a lot especially as it came during a time when it would be far easier to believe otherwise. For those who jumped on the hate or blame band wagon as soon as things went wrong, well I do not need to say anything to you. Your failure to apologize for falsely accusing me has shown your true colours and nature, in front of everyone and you will have to live with the fact that everyone now knows the sort of people you are.

So onward to my intentions:

I still intend to keep trading as I always have, and to remain transparent with everyone as always. I will not be so active on external sites (other than for trading) but will post daily updates and trade ideas here as I always have done. Those who wish to participate and take part are welcome to. Those who do not, can leave at any time. The choice is theirs and the responsibility is theirs period. I for one am no longer going to spend anymore time on sites where people will attack my honesty, nationality or religion quite simply because we have had a bad month.

With regards to the various platforms:


My plan is still  to aim, as I always have for a 20% per month profit on Etoro and keep going for two years. I will not be making any withdrawals there for the next two years. The first month will constitute a lot of rebuilding to reverse the unrealised losses of December. For those of you who have been long time copiers, you will still be significantly in the green. Those who joined en-mass last month, will unfortunately not be. Sorry, but not all months are profitable and you joined during a month when my performance was terrible, it happens.

Anyway we will strive to keep going on with our targets and do the best that we can, and we will continue to do so. I remain confident in the fundamental soundness of our trades and believe that we shall emerge from this stronger than ever. Hopefully by the end of 2016 we will have an even greater result than the 1300% return realized in 2015.


Been testing the platform and am happy with it so far. I will immediately be trading on it (along side Etoro) on a daily basis. I will also be closing the group at the end of this month, so no further people can join until the two year period is finished. The events of the last few weeks have shown me how much having a mass following on Etoro changed things. We were only 100 people for 5 months and were a community that cared about markets and analysis and had even worse moments than our current one, but still recovered strong and smiling. Then suddenly one day we had 1000 new people jump on many of whom felt they were owed something and it became more about how to stop being insulted on a daily basis. Never making that mistake again. Do not want to have to spend more days in 2016 reading vile comments like people wishing cancer on me because they have a draw down of a few dollars (yes it has happened).

Other social networks:

Will not be touching these for the time being as I intend to fully concentrate on FX in order to build the Etoro account to its previous highs and beyond. Once I am happy with its level of recovery and the situation is less critical, then I will feel more at ease dedicating more time to focusing on options. I am hoping by the end of January, everything will be great again.


As always, I wish us all the best of luck and profitable trading. To a new year and new opportunities,



  1. Hi Moh,
    Hhh, Customs are mean, they should have let you pass. With all that money, who can stop you 😛
    Wish you too a happy new year and all your wishes come true.

    I am glad Mo, that you will continue on etoro, my 500 USD investment should be ready soon, so I will start with HotForex as you will be closing the group by the end of January, then will join you on etoro, I will keep on learning more about trading and will be more than happy to be able to help when I am ready, I will stick to your plan for 2016. Unfortunately SP500 is not available for traders from Algeria. I want to contact them about whether it is possible to join them from Algeria but using my Egyptian nationality but their website won’t open from Algeria. Other than that, I will study Oil Market more as I am a Petroleum Engineer (New Bachelor) so I am involved in Oil and I always will, which helps.
    Finally I would like to thank you for everything Mo.

    Your Egyptian brother from Algeria,

    1. It is all one leverage in HF, you can not change it.
      But I do not think in terms of leverage, I think in terms of units traded. I find it easier that way to calculate how much I can earn or lose per movement.

  2. Hi Mo,

    Happy new year buddy!
    As always very good read. I am happy and gratefull I already joined both initiative :-).

    You described also exactly my current thoughts about focus. I also stopped options for almost 1 month and focussing only on forex on eToro and HF.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Happy new year Mo!
    Good to see you’re handling all of this in a smart way in order to stay focused on what you do best and ignore the noise. I’m fully on board for the next two years. I have a lot of trust in your abilities and I’m looking forward to the future.
    Cheers, Tania

  4. Happy New Year Mo, and everyone else!

    You know I am with you!

    Busy time for the next few months for me with the day job, but I tend to linger in HipChat if anyone needs me (providing it is working again)

    Here’s to a prosperous and fun 2016!

  5. Happy New Year to You and your beloved!
    Thanks for your decission to carry on on eTorro!

    I Do verry much enjoy belonging to these Community. I also do want to join you on HF but still need more “free” funds. So I feel very sorry about the decission to close the account by the end of January…

    So let’s start the Green Road 2016!!!


  6. Happy New Year, Mohammed! Looking forward to be following you on eToro and HF for the next two years, and beyond. Thanks again for your thoughts and sound judgements.

    Best regards,

  7. Happy new year Mo, glad you stay with us on eToro and we can continue to interact in this closed community. I have good faith we will thrive well. Just carry on what you’re doing the way youre doing it and we’ll all be happy!
    Good luck!

  8. Happy new year Mohammed!
    Etoro will only become a place where you can be at peace from stupid abuse when they implement a proper block function (block ppl posting on your wall AND from copying). I said it even from the beginning of this site: i hope we can keep positive attitude even in times of drawdown. Some can’t and you should be able to block them out if you wish to do so.

    I invested some on hotforex and keeping the etoro copy going as well, and of course, looking forward to keep learning as I read your posts and analysis throughout the year. At some point this year plan to take 50ish percent of the etoro copy money to start trading with it myself, gradually building that up to become wholly manual there, since i will keep the hotforex acccount I feel that would be a great way to keep improving personally while still having a sizeable amount of money in a copy with the PAMM account..

    Let’s beat those markets together in 2016!

  9. Happy New Year Mo, and all the best for 2016. Its a pleasure reading your updates and look forward to continuing through for the next 2 years!

    Ps. The Caribbean customs foolishly let me in back in 2005, and have been here ever since – although its slightly different having to go to work most days, I prefer your idea of spending every day on a beach sipping on coconut water!

    Thanks again for everything.

  10. Hi Mo,
    I wish you a great New Year.
    I really love you have continued on etoro.
    Good luck for you and for us.


  11. hello Mo I hope you spent a wonderful holiday, and I wish you a 2016 full of satisfaction, now I wanted to ask information regarding hf, I have made the payment and are awaiting verification of the account, once you do that how do I find you ?

  12. Mohammed,

    In regards to your trading on HotForex, please kindly confirm do you use the same nickname as here on Etoro? I would love to join your community there. Thanks for your reply in advance.

  13. Happy new Years Mo ….. 🙂
    Happy to see your staying at Etoro too .
    Wondering about what kind of and account you opend at HF
    was it the HF soscial account ?
    And wishing us the best of luck in 2016 🙂

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